Student activities

Curtin Malaysia students are involved in sporting groups, events committees, competitions and clubs, to enrich their hobbies and interests. Numerous sporting and social clubs cater to the recreational needs of students and if a certain club doesn’t already exist, students can always start their own. The Student Council is always willing to assist students in setting up new clubs.

Curtin Student Council Clubs and Societies

The Curtin Malaysia’s Student Council is managed by the Curtin students. The Council represents students at meetings within the University to provide a student perspective and voice student concerns within the University decision-making structure. The Student Council also organises activities for students to assist them to adapt to University life, including an orientation program for new students and many social, cultural, sporting and recreational activities throughout the year.

Posters and flyers constantly advertise events and club meetings all over campus, and interested students are invited to movie nights, free lectures, games and festivals. At the start of each semester students will see club representatives setting up tables around campus. This presents a good opportunity for new students to find out about and join the clubs and societies at Curtin Malaysia.

The sporting and recreational facilities at the campus includes a soccer field, basketball, badminton and volleyball courts, tennis courts, indoor soccer, jogging track and gymnasium. The main student organisations are Student Council and Curtin Volunteers. Students may also participate in campus-wide projects, organised by the University Life Department.

Being a Mechanical Engineering student, the students are involved in number of student chapter activities as mentioned below. 


The Institution of Mechanical Engineering Student Chapter (IMechE SC)

Curtin Malaysia IMechE Student Chapter is the eighth student chapter in Malaysia and the first established in the East of Malaysia.  The Student Chapter was set up by the former committees of Curtin University Mechanical Engineering Club (CUMEC) on the 12th of October 2013 in which CUMEC was later merged into the student chapter. The principal aim of IMechE SC is to recruit student members by providing students to become affiliate member at university level.  The student chapter also aims to increase the Institution’s engagement with members who are based at the university and industry.  The activities of the chapter also aim to raise the profile of the Institution and the engineering profession both with wide student and teacher population at the university and the local community. The students are very active in organising several student events, workshops, short term courses, industrial site visits, fun activities, inter and intra-university collaborative events etc.


Institute of Materials Malaysia Student Chapter (IMM SC)

Institute of Materials Malaysia Student Chapter (IMM SC) of Curtin Malaysia is a non-profit academic-based student organisation that aimed to educate and promote students to the importance of material science and technology. IMM SC is also endorsed and supported by the parent organization, Institute of Materials Malaysia (IMM) and Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3).  IMM SC has successfully organized events that often involves professionals from the industries that has greatly benefited students and staffs alike at Curtin Malaysia. Objectives of the IMM Student Chapter are to promote awareness regarding the field of material science, technology, and engineering, create a fun, interactive, and informative environment for those who seeks knowledge, encourage collaboration between students, universities, and IMM Committee, and promote professionalism, and etiquette among students to prepare them in the working environment.


The Institution of Engineers Malaysia Student Section (IEM SS)

IEM SS was established to facilitate student activities within the Faculty of Engineering and Science. The Committee is led by a President with the help of several Committee members. A number of activities such as outreach, social events, technical visits, and industrial talks have been organised to benefit mechanical engineering students, and students from other programmes within the Faculty. 


2018 Student Activities

Site Visit to OM Materials (Samalaju, Bintulu) by IMechE and IMM student Chapters 2018


Site Visit to Berjaya Dockyard by IMechE and IEM student Chapters 2018


ANSYS Fluent 3 Days Workshop, Conducted by IMechE student Chapter 2018


One day Hands-On Cutting and Welding Technology Awareness Workshop by IMM student Chapter 2018


Solid Works 3 Days Workshop, Conducted by IMechE student Chapter 2018


2017 Student Activities

3D Printing Workshop, Conducted by IMechE student Chapter 2017


Solid Works Workshop, Conducted by IMechE student Chapter 2017


ANSYS Workshop, Conducted by IMechE student Chapter 2017


Site Visit to Miri Crude Oil Terminal by IEM student Chapter 2017


Site Visit to Sarawak Energy Berhad’s Sejingkat Coal Power Plant and MUSC Food Industries Sdn Bhd by IEM student Chapter 2017 in collaboration with UNIMAS