Industrial Advisory Panel

The role of the Industry Advisory Panel is to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas between the board members and the academic staff in the Department of Civil and Construction Engineering at Curtin University, Malaysia. The academic staff meet Industrial Advisory Panel (IAP) at least once a year to review the quality and effectiveness of the degree programme that we offer to our students, and their valuable commitment underpins the relevance of our syllabuses. The Department of Civil and Construction Engineering IAP comprises professionals from different companies and sectors across Malaysia. Their enormous collective experience covers the full breadth of Civil and Construction Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Construction Management Programme. Some members consist of our own alumni, keen to provide and recommend further improve the course based on first-hand experiences. IAP members have made a faithful commitment to the engineering profession and look to feedback their important experience to our educators, to help maximize the effectiveness of our future professions.

Responsibilities of the Industrial Advisory Panel include:

  1. To review the department curriculum in order to ensure industrial relevance, and to provide advice and assistance on the curriculum development.
  2. To raise awareness amongst staff and the students on the industrial activities.
  3. To ensure graduates have the essential skills which are required by industries as future employers.
  4. To provide a suitable industrial partner to help in securing industrial funds for research projects.
  5. To provide feedback on programme educational objectives (PEO) performance

Benefits to the Department include:

  1. The quality of the programme is maintained.
  2. The employability and interns of students are enhanced.
  3. The department is guided on which research activities might be undertaken to meet current industry needs.
  4. Networking opportunities with the companies in the region.
  5. To identify any limitations in the curriculum based on obtained feedback of programme educational objectives (PEO) performance analysis and to identify approaches of improvement.
  6. To ensure that we maintain accreditation status with all local and international professional bodies.

Civil and Construction Engineering

Panel Member Name Job Title Affiliation
Ir. Zulkipli Henry Structural and Lifting Team Leader Shell Exploration & Production – Asia Pacific
Ir. Chong Boon Hui PCS Konsultant
Ir. Ting Nik Kiat Jurutera Minsar Consult Sdn. Bhd.
Ir. Chiew Chung Lee Managing Director Jurutera Perunding Akal Sdn Bhd
Mr. Tang Ing Hui Executive Director Riaplus Sdn Bhd

Environmental Engineering

Panel Member Name Job Title Affiliation
Mr. Chang Kuet Ming Asst. General Manager (HSE) Samling Group of Companies
Mdm. Mariana Michael Former Environmental Engineer
Mr. Ambun Dindang Senior Director Malaysian Meteorological Department
Ir. Ng Jia Yang Managing Director IRECS Sdn Bhd
Mr. Tang Ing Hui Executive Director Riaplus Sdn Bhd
Mr. Siaw Kok Seng Engineering and Planning Executive LAKU Management Sdn Bhd
Mr. Jack Tan Jia Xiang Project Engineer Mui Lee Enterprise Sdn Bhd

Construction Management

Panel Member Name Job Title Affiliation
Ms. Lee Poh Yuet Quantity Surveyor PUBM Quantity Surveyors Sdn. Bhd.
Ms. Lau Lin Chiaw Quantity Surveyor Bintulu Development Authority (BDA)
Ms. Lee Jia Ruenn Contract Manager Tiong Seng Contractor Pte Ltd
Ir. Dr. Mui Kai Yin Consultant & Project Director Career Growth Sdn Bhd