Programme Educational Objectives (PEO) and Curtin Graduate Attributes (GA)


Students of the Foundation in Engineering and Science programme are able to:

  1. Knowledge – Apply knowledge of Mathematics, Science and Information Technology to solve engineering problems.
  2. Problem Solving – Identify, analyse and solve problems using principles of Mathematics, Sciences and Information Technology.
  3. Use of Technology – Select and apply appropriate techniques and resources to various Science and Engineering tasks.
  4. Communication – Communicate effectively through written work and oral tasks.
  5. Team Work – Work effectively as a member or leader in a multi-disciplinary and diverse group.
  6. Continuous learning – Engage in continuous learning and acquire essential skills to pursue higher education.

Curtin’s Graduate Attributes:

  1. CGC-1: Apply discipline knowledge, principles and concept.
  2. CGC-2: Innovative, creative and entrepreneurial.
  3. CGC-3: Effective communicators with digital competency.
  4. CGC-4: Globally engaged and responsive.
  5. CGC-5: Culturally competent to engage respectfully with local First Peoples and other diverse cultures.
  6. CGC-6: Industry connected and career capable.