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Welcome to Civil & Construction Engineering!


DSC6401-300x451Our Civil and Construction Engineering department is vibrant, due to our dynamic academic and technical staff members, as well as our bright students. Our staff members come from highly-reputable universities all over the world, with specialised knowledge that runs the gamut of Civil and Construction Engineering, ranging from geotechnical engineering, to structures and construction management, to water and environmental engineering.

Curtin’s Civil and Construction Engineering students are a lively bunch, bolstered by the Curtin Civil Society (CCS) which plays a major role in our department, supporting us in our annual activities such as Civil Camp and Civil Week. The atmosphere created by CCS and our department has fostered close ties among students, and our students’ participation in our activities, as well as student – staff contact, are exceptional.

Curtin’s bachelor of Civil and Construction Engineering course is a good balance of theoretical background and practical experience throughout the four years of study. Students are equipped with the practical skills necessary to begin working effectively as a graduate engineer immediately after completion. Our Civil and Construction Engineering graduates have found work all over the world, and are dealing with megaprojects, bettering people’s lives. Others have found their passion in smaller, more specialised work. We ensure that our graduates have the understanding necessary to maintain their skills and competencies throughout their professional career. Due to its excellent quality, our Civil and Construction Engineering course is accredited by the Engineers Accreditation Council (EAC) of the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM), as well as Engineers Australia (EA). On behalf of the Civil and Construction Engineering department, I welcome our new students and visitors, and wish our current students and graduates well.

Dr. Muhammad Ekhlasur Rahman Head of Department of Civil and Construction Engineering
Faculty of Engineering and Science
Curtin University Malaysia
Email: merahman@curtin.edu.my

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