Janet Howieson


Associate Prof. Dr. Janet Howieson

Ph.D, M.Sc, B.Sc
School of Molecular and Life Sciences (MLS)
Faculty of Science and Engineering
Curtin Perth
Associate Professor

Contact Details

Location: 7 Parker Place
Telephone: +61 08 9266 2034
Email: J.Howieson@curtin.edu.au


Dr Janet Howieson completed an Honours degree in microbiology at the University of Western Australia in 1984, after which she went on to complete a Master of Science at UWA in municipal water supply microbiology in 1988 and a PhD in algal biotechnology at Murdoch University in 2001. She has previously held research positions in public health microbiology and algal biotechnology in the public and private sector and in strategic planning and policy at the WA Department of Fisheries. For the past nine years Dr Howieson has been working in post-harvest seafood industry research at Curtin University. She has led a number of research projects across multiple seafood sectors in the areas of supply chain monitoring and intervention, value chain analysis and implementation, new product development, market strategy development, traceability and provenance and utilisation of waste and byproduct. Dr Howieson has supervised a number of post-graduate research students and delivered training in seafood supply chain monitoring across Australia and overseas. More recently Dr Howieson has commenced new prodcut development and waste utilisation studies with horticulture industry.

Dr Howieson has been awarded for her work in the seafood industry, including the WAFIC Research, Development and Extension Award (2013), the Curtin University Innovation and Commercialisation award: Health Sciences (2014), the David Thomassen award for outstanding contribution to the Australian Seafood CRC (2015) and the WA and National Seafood Industry Award in People Development (2015).

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Academic History

  • PhD (Biology), Murdoch University, 2001
  • M. Sc. (Microbiology), University of Western Australia, 1988
  • B. Sc. (Hons) (Microbiology), Curtin University, 1984

Research Interest

  • Seafood
  • Supply chain monitoring
  • New product development
  • Value chain analysis


  • Winner WA and National Seafood Industry People Development Award.
  • Winner: David Thomassen award for outstanding contribution to the Seafood CRC, 2015
  • Winner: Curtin University Innovation and Commercialisation Award: Health Sciences, 2014
  • Runner-up: Australian Seafood Industry Research, Development and Extension Award, 2013
  • Winner: WAFIC Research, Development and Extension Award, 2013

Research Grants

  1. McManus A, Howieson J (2008) Centre of Excellence Science Seafood & Health Department of Commerce Science, Innovation and Technology ($500,000)
  2. McManus A, Howieson J. (2009) Integrated value chain performance bench marking studies (economic, logistics and product quality). Australian Seafood CRC ($700,000)
  3. McManus A, Howieson J. (2009) Seafood CRC Research grant ($447,000) to develop, pilot,implement and evaluate sector/condition specific resource/education packages that seek to establish regular consumption of seafood as a healthy dietary choice.
  4. Howieson J and Whalley A (2009) Seafood Women: Seizing the Initiative (2009): Office of Women ($34,500)
  5. Howieson J, Williams H, Tamplin M, (2009): Improving the Supply chain for WA Seafood, Seafood CRC ($166,000) (2009-2012) with Approved Variation (2012) for further $75,000.
  6. Howieson J, Tay G and Williams (2009): Dried WA Seafood Products for the Asian market: A Pilot Study seafood CRC ($74,000)
  7. Lawley M, Howieson J and others (2009): Repositioning farmed barramundi on the domestic market (USC) Seafood CRC ($365,000)
  8. Howieson J, Jecks P, Susman J, Barber A, Williams H (2010): Accelerated Value-added Product Development: blue swimmer crab pilot Seafood CRC ($203,000)
  9. Howieson J, Stewart G, Hollamby K, Lawley M, Anderson D, Dentoni D, Gow H, White T (2010): Optimising quality and value in domestic prawn value chains Seafood CRC ($359,000) (2010-2013) with approved Variation (2011) for extra $49,000.
  10. Howieson J, Giffney A and Rowe T (2010): New product development for low value, high volume species – WA Sardines Seafood CRC ($73,000)
  11. Williams H and Howieson J: Finfish Waste (2010): Audit and Potential for Utilisation. : Seafood CRC Masters scholarship ($10000) (Student Jenny Ng)
  12. Howieson J, Glencross B, Little S (2011) Understanding and minimising “greying” in farmed barramundi fillets Seafood CRC ($49,000)
  13. Howieson J, Brooks K, Hollamby K, Fogarty J and Lawley M (2011) National Prawn Market Development Strategy, Seafood CRC ($350,000)
  14. Howieson J (2011) To investigate the links between parasite infestation and fillet quality in farmed Yellowtail Kingfish in central Western Australia Seafood CRC masters scholarship (student Rowan Kleindienst) ($15300)
  15. Tamplin M, Howieson J (2012) Time-temperature management to maximise returns through the prawn supply chain Seafood CRC ($150,000)
  16. Howieson J, Tamplin M, Bremner A (2012) Innovation in Traceability the Australian Seafood Industry: Austral/NPF case study Seafood CRC $141000.
  17. Howieson J (2012) Review the Tasmania paralytic shellfish toxin (PST) event and SafeFish recommendations and determine an interim risk management approach for WA DOHWA ($27000)
  18. Howieson J (2013) Australian Seafood Apprentice Chef and Commercial Cookery Online Training Series Seafood CRC ($99800)
  19. Howieson J (2013) (Prawn QA) Maximising the quality of Australian wild-caught prawns (Quality Assurance) (ACPF) Seafood CRC ($350000)
  20. Howieson J, Jecks P (2014) Waste transformation methods for value added products for the catering market Seafood CRC ($270000)
  21. Howieson J (2015) 2013/711.20 CESSH:Management, Communication and Network Seafood CRC/FRDC ($677740) (under CRC 2013/711)
  22. Howieson J (2015) 2013/711.30 New Opportunities for Underutilised species Seafood CRC/FRDC ($88000) (under 2013/711)
  23. Howieson J (2015) 2013/711.40 New options for Seafood Processing Waste Seafood CRC/FRDC ($116000) (under 2013/711)

Selected Publication

A. Journal Publications


  1. Chaklader, M. R., W. H. Chung, J. Howieson, and R. Fotedar. 2023. “A Mixture of Full-Fat and Defatted Hermetia illucens Larvae and Poultry By-Products as Sustainable Protein Sources Improved Fillet Quality Traits in Farmed Barramundi, Lates calcarifer.” Foods 12 (2)


  1. Siddik, M. A. B., J. Howieson, S. M. M. Islam, and R. Fotedar. 2022. “Synbiotic feed supplementation improves antioxidant response and innate immunity of juvenile barramundi, Lates calcarifer subjected to bacterial infection.” Aquaculture 552
  2. Chaklader, M. R., W. H. Chung, J. Howieson, and R. Fotedar. 2022. “A Combination of Hermetia illucens Reared on Fish Waste and Poultry By-Product Meal Improves Sensory and Physicochemical Quality of Farmed Barramundi Filets.” Frontiers in Nutrition 8


  1. Chaklader, M. R., J. Howieson, R. Fotedar, and M. A. B. Siddik. 2021. “Supplementation of Hermetia illucens Larvae in Poultry By-Product Meal-Based Barramundi, Lates calcarifer Diets Improves Adipocyte Cell Size, Skin Barrier Functions, and Immune Responses.” Frontiers in Nutrition 7
  2. Chaklader, M. R., J. Howieson, M. A. B. Siddik, M. J. Foysal, and R. Fotedar. 2021. “Supplementation of tuna hydrolysate and insect larvae improves fishmeal replacement efficacy of poultry by-product in Lates calcarifer (Bloch, 1790) juveniles.” Scientific Reports 11 (1)
  3. Chung, W. H., J. Howieson, and M. R. Chaklader. 2021. “The ameliorative effects of low-temperature pasteurization on physicochemical and microbiological quality of raw Akoya pearl oyster (Pinctada fucata).” Food Control 129
  4. Hender, A., M. A. B. Siddik, J. Howieson, and R. Fotedar. 2021. “Black soldier fly, Hermetia illucens as an alternative to fishmeal protein and fish oil: Impact on growth, immune response, mucosal barrier status, and flesh quality of Juvenile Barramundi, lates Calcarifer (Bloch, 1790).” Biology 10 (6)
  5. Chaklader, M. R., J. Howieson, and R. Fotedar. 2021. “Growth, hepatic health, mucosal barrier status and immunity of juvenile barramundi, Lates calcarifer fed poultry by-product meal supplemented with full-fat or defatted Hermetia illucens larval meal.” Aquaculture 543
  6. Chaklader, M. R., J. Howieson, M. J. Foysal, and R. Fotedar. 2021. “Transformation of fish waste protein to Hermetia illucens protein improves the efficacy of poultry by-products in the culture of juvenile barramundi, Lates calcarifer.” Science of the Total Environment 796


  1. Siddik, M. A. B., M. R. Chaklader, M. J. Foysal, J. Howieson, R. Fotedar, and S. K. Gupta. 2020. “Influence of fish protein hydrolysate produced from industrial residues on antioxidant activity, cytokine expression and gut microbial communities in juvenile barramundi Lates calcarifer.” Fish and Shellfish Immunology 97: 465-473.
  2. Siddik, M. A. B., R. Fotedar, M. R. Chaklader, M. J. Foysal, A. Nahar, and J. Howieson. 2020. “Fermented Animal Source Protein as Substitution of Fishmeal on Intestinal Microbiota, Immune-Related Cytokines and Resistance to Vibrio mimicus in Freshwater Crayfish (Cherax cainii).” Frontiers in Physiology 10
  3. Chaklader, M. R., R. Fotedar, J. Howieson, M. A. B. Siddik, and M. J. Foysal. 2020. “The ameliorative effects of various fish protein hydrolysates in poultry by-product meal based diets on muscle quality, serum biochemistry and immunity in juvenile barramundi, Lates calcarifer.” Fish and Shellfish Immunology 104: 567-578.
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  1. Siddik, M. A. B., J. Howieson, and R. Fotedar. 2019. “Beneficial effects of tuna hydrolysate in poultry by-product meal diets on growth, immune response, intestinal health and disease resistance to Vibrio harveyi in juvenile barramundi, Lates calcarifer.” Fish and Shellfish Immunology 89: 61-70.
  2. Siddik, M. A. B., P. Chungu, R. Fotedar, and J. Howieson. 2019. “Bioprocessed poultry by-product meals on growth, gut health and fatty acid synthesis of juvenile barramundi, Lates calcarifer (Bloch).” PLoS ONE 14 (4)
  3. Chaklader, M. R., M. A. B. Siddik, R. Fotedar, and J. Howieson. 2019. “Insect larvae, Hermetia illucens in poultry by-product meal for barramundi, Lates calcarifer modulates histomorphology, immunity and resistance to Vibrio harveyi.” Scientific Reports 9 (1)


  1. Siddik, M. A. B., J. Howieson, I. Ilham, and R. Fotedar. 2018. “Growth, biochemical response and liver health of juvenile barramundi (Lates calcarifer) fed fermented and nonfermented tuna hydrolysate as fishmeal protein replacement ingredients.” PeerJ 2018 (6)
  2. Siddik, M. A. B., J. Howieson, G. J. Partridge, R. Fotedar, and H. Gholipourkanani. 2018. “Dietary tuna hydrolysate modulates growth performance, immune response, intestinal morphology and resistance to Streptococcus iniae in juvenile barramundi, Lates calcarifer.” Scientific Reports 8 (1)

B. Conference Papers

  1. Howieson, J., and M. Lawley. 2010. “Implementing whole of chain analysis for the seafood industry: A toolbox approach.” In Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy (ANZMAC) Annual Conference 2010, Nov 29, 2010, Unviersity of Canterbury, Christchurch New Zealand: Department of Management, College of Business and Economics, University of Canterbury.

International Collaboration

  • ACACA technical Exchange – Invited scientist, China, 2015
  • Invited leader of seafood cold chain management training, Singapore, 2014, 2015

Professional Associations

  • Director at Large: Womens Industry Network Seafood Community, 2006-2011
  • 2007-2011 WINSC Board Member
  • 2001-2008 ASQAAC Committee Member