Bachelor of Technology (Computer Systems and Networking)

The program objectives and program outcomes of Bachelor of Technology (Computer Systems and Networking) are as follows.


Programme Educational Objectives:

PEO-1: Graduates apply the knowledge and principles of computer systems and networking in the real world environment.

PEO-2: Graduates solve problems by thinking critically, creatively and communicate the solution in an effective manner for the betterment of society.

PEO-3: Graduates engage in lifelong learning, to remain up-to-date in their profession and contributing to the advancement of computer systems and networking field.


Programme Outcomes:

PO1: Knowledge

Apply the theory of computer systems networking within the engineering design method, whilst remaining cognisant of network operational issues.

PO2: Problem Solving

Define a problem and apply creative thinking to the formulation of a solution; verify and implement the solution.

PO3: Decision Making

Access information, evaluate and organise information relevant to computer systems networking.

PO4: Communication

Document networking information to meet technical and legal requirements; concepts, technical and professional in written, oral and electronic forms.

PO5: Use of Technology

Use appropriate tools to design analysis and verify computer systems network and their components.

PO6: Life Long Learning

Recognise that the computer systems networking industry changes rapidly, and maintain currently via spirit of inquiry and relevant further study.

PO7: International Perspective

Apply international standards, practices and conventions appropriate to computer systems.

PO8: Independent and Team Work

Function effectively within a typical multidisciplinary and multi-cultural engineering design.

PO9: Social and Community Engagement

Commit to and behave in accordance with the professional and ethical responsibilities of engineers.