Dr. Prasanna Mohan Viswanathan


Dr. Prasanna Mohan Viswanathan
PhD, M.Sc
Head of Department
Associate Professor
Telephone: +60 85 630100 extn: 2521
Room: SK3-348
Email: prasanna@curtin.edu.my
ResearchGateID: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/MV_Prasanna

Research Interests

  • Hydrogeochemistry,
  • Geochemical Modelling,
  • Isotope Geochemistry and
  • Environmental Geochemistry.
  • Cave Water Geochemistry
  • Sustainable Management


  • “Best Lecturer Award” in Applied Geology Department, Curtin University, Sarawak Malaysia at the recent 2014 Student Choice Awards.
  • King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) for Research Institute has endorsed our paper entitled “A study on the defluoridation in water by using natural soil” for KACST awards for the best paper published in Applied Water Science Journal in collaboration with Springer for the year 2013. The article chosen reflect not only excellent science, but also the potential impact of the discoveries. The winning authors received the KACST Certificate, Medal and $5,000 (cited in The Borneo Post Newspaper, Sunday February 22, 2015, Miri, Malaysia).
  • Awarded for “Best Publication for Lecturer” in School of Engineering and Science, Curtin University of Technology, Sarawak, 2010 based on Excellence in Research for Australian Ranking (Cited in The Borneo Post Newspaper, Friday June 11, 2010, Miri, Malaysia).
  • Awarded JRF (Junior Research Fellow) by the DST (Department of Science and Technology), Government of India in the project entitled  “Hydrogeochemical and Isotopic studies in the Gadilam river basin, Tamilnadu, India “, February 2004 – March 2007.
  • Awarded for the best paper presented in the national seminar on “Hydrology” at Madras University, Chennai, India 24th -25th, August, 2006.
  • Received gold medal for securing first rank in M.Sc., (Applied Geology) from Annamalai University, India for the year 2002-2004.

Professional Associations

  • The International Association of Hydrological Sciences, UK – Life member.
  • Editorial Board Member in Geosciences Journal.
  • Member in Geological Society of Malaysia.

Publications (Journal/Book Chapter/Conference)

  • Dodge Wan, M.V. Prasanna, R.Nagarajan, A.Anandkumar (2017) Epiphreatic caves in Niah karst tower (NW Borneo): occurrence, morphology and hydrogeochemistry. Acta Carsologica (accepted for publication), ISI indexed.
  • Banajarani Panda, S. Chidambaram, N. Ganesh, V.S. Adithya, K. Pradeep, U. Vasudevan, AL. Ramanathan, Shyam Ranjan, M.V. Prasanna, K. Paramaguru (2017) A study on mountain front recharge by using integrated techniques in the hard rock aquifers of southern India. Environment, Development and Sustainability, pp 1-17 (ISI indexed)Link: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10668-017-9987-8
  • Senthilkumar, B. Gowtham, M. Sundararajan, S.Chidambaram, J.Francis Lawrence, M.V.Prasanna (2017) Impact of landuse on the groundwater quality along coastal aquifer of Thiruvallur district, South India. Sustainable Water Resources Management. doi-org.dbgw.lis.curtin.edu.au/10.1007/s40899-017-0180-x (Peer reviewed)
  • Banajarani Panda, S. Chidambaram, N. Ganesh, V.S. Adithya, M.V.Prasanna, K. Pradeep, U. Vasudevan (2017) A hydrochemical approach to estimate mountain front recharge in an aquifer system in Tamilnadu, India. Acta Geochemica. doi-org.dbgw.lis.curtin.edu.au/10.1007/s11631-017-0229-4 (ISI indexed)
  • Chidambaram, R. Thilagavathi, C. Thivya, U. Karmegam, M.V. Prasanna, AL. Ramanathan, K. Tirumalesh, P. Sasidhar (2016) A study on the arsenic concentration in groundwater of a coastal aquifer in south-east India: an integrated approach. Environmental, Development and Sustainability, 19(3): 1010-1040 (ISI indexed), http://link.springer.com.dbgw.lis.curtin.edu.au/article/10.1007/s10668-016-9786-7
  • Thivya, S. Chidambaram, R. Thilagavathi, K. Tirumalesh, M. Nepolian, M.V. Prasanna (2017) Spatial and temporal variations of radon concentrations in groundwater of hard rock aquifers in Madurai district, India. Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, pp 1-7 (Impact Factor – 1.415, ISI indexed).
  • Thivya, S. Chidambaram, M.S. Rao, R. Thilagavathi, M.V. Prasanna, S. Manikandan (2017) Assessment of fluoride contaminations in groundwater of hard rock aquifers in Madurai district, Tamil Nadu (India). Applied Water Science 7(2): 1011-1023 (Peer reviewed).
  • Thilagavathi, S. Chidambaram, C. Thivya, M.V. Prasanna, K. Tirumalesh, S. Pethaperumal (2016) Dissolved organic carbon in multilayered aquifers of Pondicherry region (India): spatial and temporal variability and relationships to major ion chemistry. Natural Resources Research, 26(2): 119-135 (ISI indexed).
  • M.V. Prasanna, R. Nagarajan, S. Chidambaram, A. Anand Kumar, C. Thivya (2017) Evaluation of hydrogeochemical characteristics and the impact of weathering in seepage water collected within the sedimentary formation. Acta Geochemica 36(1): 44-51.
  • Thilagavathi, S. Chidambaram, C. Thivya, M.V. Prasanna, Tirumalesh Keesari, S. Pethaperumal (2017) Assessment of groundwater chemistry in layered coastal aquifers using multivariate statistical analysis. Sustainable Water Resources Management 3(1): 55-69 (Scopus indexed).
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  • Thilagavathi, S. Chidambaram, M.V. Prasanna, C. Thivya, K. Tirumalesh, S. Pethaperumal (2016) An Attempt to classify the aquifers based on geochemical nature of groundwater using GIS. Journal of Applied Geochemistry, 18(4): 504-515 (Peer reviewed)
  • M.V. Prasanna, S. Chidambaram, R. Nagarajan, A. Anand Kumar (2016) Monsoon climate impact on drip water geochemistry at Niah Great Cave, NW Borneo, Malaysia: Evaluating the spatial and temporal trends. Journal of Climate Change, 2(2): 89-98. DOI 10.3233/JCC-160020 (Peer reviewed)
  • Singaraja, S. Chidambaram, Noble Jacob, S. Selvam, M.V. Prasanna (2016) Tidal effects on groundwater dynamics in shallow coastal aquifers-southeast coast of Tamilnadu, India. Arabian Journal of Geosciences, 9: 467, (Impact Factor-1.152, ISI indexed), http://link.springer.com.dbgw.lis.curtin.edu.au/article/10.1007/s12517-016-2480-0
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  • Pradeep, M. Nepolian, P. Anandhan, Chandran, R. Kaviyarasan, M.V. Prasanna, S. Chidambaram (2016) A study on variation in dissolved silica concentration in groundwater of hard rock aquifers in Southeast coast of India. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering (MSE). (accepted and will published in March 2016) (Scopus indexed)
  • Thivya, S. Chidambaram, M.S. Rao, M. Gopalakrishnan, R. Thilagavathi, M.V. Prasanna, M. Nepolian (2016) Identification of recharge processes in groundwater in hard rock aquifers of Madurai district using stable isotopes. Environmental Processes. DOI: 10.1007/s40710-016-0137-3 (in press) (Scopus indexed)
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Research Grants/Funding

  • A study on the status of salt water intrusion along the Miri coast, East Malaysia using Geoelectrical, Remote sensing and GIS techniques. Curtin Sarawak Collaborative Research Grant Scheme (CSCCRGS) – Chief Investigator (2014-2017).
  • Suspended solids and nutrients from the Baram, Miri and Sibuti Rivers: Their chemistry and distribution in the MSCRNP. Curtin Malaysia Research Institute Top Down Grant – Full M.Phil scholarship and operating funds – Co-Investigator.
  • 3D Structural Analogue Models for Geology Students. Curtin Sarawak Teaching Innovation Project (CSTIP) – Chief Investigator (Jan 2017-Dec 2017)
  • Sustainable Management of Surface Water Resources (Lakes and Rivers) in and around Miri City, Sarawak, Malaysia. Curtin Sarawak Research Fund (CSRF) Chief-Investigator (2010-2012)
  • Spatial and Temporal variations in Drip water chemistry of Great Niah Cave, NW Borneo, Malaysia. Curtin Sarawak Research Clusters Fund (CSRCF)- Chief-Investigator (2012-2015)
  • Geochemistry of Niah Speleothems, Sarawak, Malaysia: Implications for Paleo-Climate of NW Borneo – Curtin Sarawak Research Fund (CSRF)- Co-Investigator (2010-2012)
  • Assessment of heavy metal pollution in water, sediments, plants and fishes of Miri River, Sarawak, Malaysia – a regular monitoring approach. Curtin Sarawak Research Institute (CSRI) – Research Group member (2013-2016)