Muhammad Noor Hazwan Bin Jusoh

Dr. Muhammad Noor Hazwan Bin Jusoh

Ph.D., M.Eng. (Env.), B.Eng. (Civil), BEM
Department of Civil and Construction Engineering 

Contact Details
Telephone: +60 85 630 100 Ext: 2474
Location: Skylark 3 Room 447

Research Interest

  • Water treatment
  • Wastewater engineering
  • Solid waste management
  • Environmental management and sustainability
  • Air and noise pollution


Dr. Hazwan Jusoh joining Curtin University Malaysia as an associate lecturer in the Department of Civil & Construction Engineering. He received his PhD from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in the field of water and wastewater engineering. Previously, he worked as as a researcher at Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia in 2016. He was involved with a few projects related with wastewater and antibiotic microbial resistance.

Professional Experience

  • Associate Lecturer, Curtin Univerisity Maysia, February 2020 – present
  • Research Assistant, Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia, Nov 2016 – Sept 2019

Professional Affiliations

  • Graduate Engineer, Board of Engineers Malaysia 

Subject Taught

  • ENEN4009 Environmental Engineering Design



  1. Jusoh, M.N.H., Aris, A., Abideen, M.Z., Othman., Hydrodynamic cavitation using multiple orifice plates for the generation of hydroxyl radicals Jurnal Teknologi, 78:11, 41 – 47, 2016, (Scopus-Indexed)

  2. Darwish, M., Aris, A., Puteh, M.H., Jusoh, M.N.H., Abdul Kadir, A., Waste bones ash as an alternative source of P for struvite precipitation Journal of Environmental Management, Vol. 203, No. 2, 861 – 866, 2016, (ISI-indexed)

Book Chapters

  1. Aris, A., Jusoh, M.N.H., Wahab, N.S.A.A., Applications of advanced oxidation processes in palm oil mill effluent treatment. A Chapter in Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs) in Water and Wastewater Treatment, Hershey, PA: IGI Global, 123 – 149, 2019, (ISBN 9781522557661)


  1. Omar, S.R., Kasiman, E.H., Darwish, M.S.J., Balasbaneh, A.T., Najib, M.Z.M., Awang, M.A.R.Z., Sunar, N.M., Jusoh, M.N.H. Macrocomposite technology: An alternative laundry wastewater treatment to improve water quality effluent. 4th Proceeding of Civil Engineering. Johor, Malaysia: School of Civil Engineering. 2019. 16. (ISBN 9789672401056)

  2. Aris, A., Jusoh, M.N.H., Enhancement of hydroxyl radical formation in hydrodynamic cavitation using multiple orifice plates International Conference on Innovation Challenges in Multidisciplinary Research & Practice (ICMRP), Kuala Lumpur, 13 – 14th December, 2013

Research Grants and Consultancy Project 

  1. Environmental Management Plan (2012), Development of degraded forest land (Hutan Terosot) for acacia, rubber and/or any other suitable forest species plantation in Mukim Mersing, District of Mersing, Johor Darul Takzim.
  2. Environmental Management & Monitoring Plan (2011-2013), Cadangan menaiktaraf Jalan Tumang Fasa 1, Daerah Segamat, Johor Darul Takzim.
  3. Environmental Monitoring Plan (2011-2012), Cadangan pembinaan 2,720 unit rumah pangsa kos rendah (mampu milik) bagi penempatan semula setinggan, di atas Lot PTD 194789 dan sebahagian Lot PTD 148149, PTD 148146, PTD 148153 dan PTD 194804, Mukim Plentong, Daerah Johor Bahru, Johor.
  4. Environmental Monitoring Plan (2011), Cadangan Pembangunan di atas sebahagian PTD 84124, PTD 156355, PTD 156356, PTD 156358 dan PTD 168451 Bandar Dato Onn, Mukim Tebrau, Johor Bahru, Johor.
  5. Environmental Management Plan (2011), Rubber forest plantation in Labis, Johor