Industrial and External Engagement

Welcome to the Faculty of Engineering and Science’s Industrial and External Engagement Homepage.

Curtin education aims to produce employment-ready engineering graduates to consistently serve the regional community and industrial stakeholders by equipping them with up-to-date technical knowledge, high productivity spirit, project management skills, hands-on experiences and engineering ethics. Because of that, we have fostered the vast learning in the latest engineering technologies, professional skills development and engineering practices throughout the curriculum of our 4-years engineering programmes.

To bridge the gap between industrial stakeholder expectations and university learning outcomes, we form the Industrial and External Engagement Committee with the purpose to champion policies on industrial and external relations. We constantly receive valuable feedback from our industrial advisory boards about their expectations on the future employee. We also collaborate with the local and regional industries, professional bodies in various ways by offering students exposures to industrial practices and to encourage industrial research.

We would like to reach out and maintain strong link and promote joint collaboration, not only with the industries, but also with academia from other institutions of higher learning. We welcome interested parties to contact us for discussion on possible collaborations. The forms of collaboration could include but not limited to research and development, consultancy, facilities sharing, interns/ graduates recruitment and community services.

We look forward to serving the industries and community better

Ir. Lim Chye Ing
Industrial and External Engagement Committee
Faculty of Engineering & Science