Alumni Portal

Every year we welcome new students into our School and at the same time, every year we have to say good bye to graduating students who have been transformed from student engineers to graduate engineers. In 2012 and 2013, we contacted some of the alumni to share their experiences and view as engineers. Details of these can be seen in the newsletters.  


Mr  Vignes Shanmuganathan Graduate Metallurgist, Metallurgical Operations Support – Res. Planning & Development/Metallurgical Development, Rio Tinto, Australia. (photo was taken when he was working as a Chemical/Process Control Engineer at Rio Tinto Alcan (Bell Bay), Tasmania, Australia)  


Mr Gary Chong Engineer at Shell (foto was taken when he was still working with Berlian McDermott)  


Ms Melissa Rosdiana Dewi Santoso Research Engineer at Ian Wark Research Institute, Australia PhD student at University of South Australia  


Ms June Janesby Roy Jihok Process Engineer at Shell Sarawak Berhad  


Mr Akilan Thangarajah Research Engineer/Master Student at , School of Engineering and Technology, Asian Institute of Technology.  


Ms Nurul Jameela Nor Mazlan Technical Business Coordinator at Daikin  Industries.  


Ms Tang Lu Wee Metering Engineer at Wehaya Sdn Bhd  


Mr Chin Pin Rui Research Engineer/Master Student at Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Curtin University  


Mr Alan Kong Chin Huo (second right in the picture) Production Engineer at Kirana Palm Oil Refinery Sdn. Bhd.  


Mr Andri Hutama Putra Sales Manager at ITSEC (IT Security) Asia for Asia Pacific Region; Owner of FOSTROM (Digital Media E-Commerce); Owner of VERTISYS (Payment System Industry)  


Mr Liaw Sui Boon PhD Student at Department of Chemical Engineering, Curtin University Australia  


Mr James Chai Sales and Application Engineer at Emerson Process Management Asia Pacific (Singapore)    


Ms Ling Su Ning Field Engineer at Schlumberger in Pennsylvania, US.