Applied Geology


Our Vision 

To be a nationally and internationally recognized leader in Geoscience education through innovative teaching, research achievements and services.

Department Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Department of Applied Geology to provide students with good scientific knowledge, so they are capable of exploring the Earth’s resources at national and international level and applying scientific and engineering knowledge to societal problems.

The Department is dedicated to the enhancement of teaching and research and the pursuit of excellence and innovative applications of technology as part of a contribution to the advancement of scientific knowledge, understanding and community relevance in the region. 


Graduates shall be able to:

1. Apply fundamental geological principles and concepts in theoretical, practical and vocational situations.

2. Solve geological problems using logical scientific methods and creative thinking.

3. Synthesise geological data on a range of spatial and temporal scales to make interpretations that allow for scientific uncertainty.

4. Communicate geological information concisely and accurately using written, visual, and verbal means appropriate to the situation.

5. Employ new and established technologies to collect and interpret geological data, recognizing their strengths and limitations.

6. Acquire geological knowledge and expertise from a range of sources in a variety of situations.

7. Appreciate international perspectives on geoscience and recognize the importance of global standards for collecting and reporting geological data.

8. Recognize the need for sustainable use of Earth resources, and valur environmental, indigenous and other community perspective on geological activities.

9. Work ethically and professionally alone and as part of a team, complying with applicable legislation and managing time and other resources efficiently and effectively.