HOD’s Message

The Petroleum Engineering Department at Curtin Malaysia is located in Miri (the 2nd largest city in Sarawak, Borneo Island) where oil and gas was first found 120 years ago and thus Miri is considered as a hub for oil and gas development in Malaysia. The Department offers on-campus of Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) (Honors) in Petroleum Engineering and Master of Petroleum Engineering. Curtin Malaysia is the only university that offers Petroleum Engineering Degree in the State of Sarawak. With the exploration and development of the natural resources, conventional and unconventional reservoirs, this program is strategically important to Curtin Malaysia in terms of educating practical and hands-on Petroleum engineers who can work in the real life field, in the areas of exploration, drilling, completion, well intervention and production to sustain future energy demand. The undergraduate program covers both fundamental and advanced knowledge of upstream and also fundamental and practical research on significant topics in the oil and gas industry. The petroleum engineering program established in 2011 and it became a full department in 2014. The program started with 26 students and grew to 270 students in 3 years’ time. One reason of this growth is due to the State’s large resources of conventional oil and gas industry that find itself in the position of extraction of those resources at times. The department comprises mainly the leading and committed industry and scholars’ professional from various countries.

The Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) in Petroleum Engineering received full EAC and EA accreditation in 2015. It is a 4-year full time program. The courses taught in Petroleum Engineering in Curtin Malaysia are undifferentiated to the one that is offered at Curtin Bentley Australia. Same unit teaching resources and delivery methods are used in both campuses. Furthermore, the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Student Chapter in Curtin Malaysia is actively involved in inviting industry professionals to present short courses, technical presentations, and workshops. Full support by the faculty is given to the students to show case their knowledge at national and international events, our students have won prizes at Petrobowl competition, SCOMI Mud Innovation Challenge, International Enhanced Oil Recovery Simulation Competition, International Enhanced Oil Recovery Simulation Competition and etc. Miri as an oil & gas hub in Malaysia allows students to easily access to related companies to conduct their internships as part of the program requirement for graduation. Our program has produced many high quality industrial-ready graduates since its first establishment where high employability rates have been observed for our graduates. So, talented local and international students are highly welcome to join our Petroleum Engineering program at Curtin Malaysia, the department will do its best to provide you the best quality of education and learning experience!

Dr. Wee Siaw Khur
Head of Department of Petroleum Engineering

Curtin University, Malaysia

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