Chemical Engineering





Supervisor Registration

AP Ir. Dr. Stephanie Chan Yen San


  • Bionanotechnology specifically on bionanomaterials synthesis, nanoformulation
  • Biotechnology in relation to agricultural biotechnology
  • Bioprocessing of phytomedicine for therapeutic actions
  • Chemical engineering

Level 1

AP Dr. Chua Han Bing


  • Development of Compartmented Fluidized Bed Gasifier (CFBG) for syngas production from biomass
  • Development of Syngas Cleaning Technology
  • Development of Anaerobic Digester for Biogas production from POME and Palm wastes
  • Development of Fungal and Bacterial Consortium for Composting of EFB from Oil-palm
  • Development of Technologies in Chemical Micromachining of Advanced Ceramics

Level 1

AP Dr. Perumal Kumar


  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Fluids and Thermal Engineering
  • Engineering Education Research
  • Transport Phenomena

Level 1

AP Dr. Jobrun Nandong


  • Control of some complex dynamics 
  • New Multi-Model Modelling Framework for various processes: drying, antioxidant degradation, adsorption breakthrough curve, biohydrogen production, Covid-19 outbreaks etc. 
  • Integrated energy-carbon capture and chemical plant

Level 1

AP Dr. Agus Saptoro


  • Multivariate data analysis
  • Statistical process monitoring and inferential sensor design
  • Process modelling, optimisation and control
  • Energy efficient CO2 capture technology
  • Fluids and thermal engineering and microwave technology

Level 1

AP Dr. John Lau Sie Yon


  • Enzyme technology for various applications
  • Biocatalysis development for the production of fine chemicals
  • Membrane separation processes
  • Chiral separations using enzymatic membrane reactor
  • Biomass conversion for industry applications
  • Aptamer mediated biosensor for pathogen detection
  • Nano-vehicles for targeted drug delivery

Level 1

Dr. Lau Shiew Wei


  • Coagulation and flocculation (bioflocculation)
  • Wastewater and sludge treatment
  • Biomass utilisation

Level 1

Dr. Henry Foo Chee Yew


  • Nanoparticles and nanostructures
  • Material characterization
  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Molecular Dynamics
  • First Principles CalculationChemical Reaction Engineering

Level 1

Dr. Tan Inn Shi


  • Life cycle Assessment Modeling
  • Fermentation & Optimization
  • Bioprocess Engineering
  • Process Dynamics and control
  • Hydrodynamic stability
  • Chemical Reaction Engineering

Level 1

Dr. Tan Yie Hua


  • Biofuel conversion technology
  • Process optimization and modelling
  • Catalysis development
  • Biomass utilization

Level 1

Dr. Bridgid Chin Lai Fui


  • Gasification
  • Pyrolysis
  • Syngas Cleaning Technologies
  • Green Technology

Level 2

Dr. Jibrail Kansedo


  • Renewable Energy (Biofuel)
  • Biodiesel Production (Edible and Non-Edible Sources)
  • Catalytic Reactions (Heterogeneous Process)
  • Reaction Mechanism and Kinetics Modeling
  • Plant Oil Extraction and Fatty Acids Profile

Level 2

Ir. Dr. Christine Yeo Wan Sieng


  • Inferential Sensor Design
  • Process Integration for Pollution Prevention
  • Hydrolysis of Palm Olein
  • Agriculture Fertilizer (Paddy, Palm Oil and Pineapple)
  • Wastewater Treatment

Level 2

Dr. Angnes Tiong Ngieng Tze


  • Process Heat Transfer
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Nanofluid technology

Level 2

Ms. Jenney Ngu Lim Song


  • Wastewater treatment
  • Polymer composite

**Level 1: can supervise both PhD and MPhil students; Level 2: can be Co-Supervisor for PhD and Main Supervisor for MPhil