Jenney Ngu Lim Song


Jenney Ngu Lim Song

MSc. BEng. (Hons.)
Associate Lecturer

Contact Details

Location: Skylark 3 Room 433
Telephone: +60 85 630 100 Ext: 2453
Fax: +60 85 630 254


Academic History

  • Master of Science, Chemical Engineering, Universiti Putra Malaysia
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Universiti Putra Malaysia

Research Interests

  • Wastewater treatment
  • Polymer composite


  • J. L. S. Ngu, I. Noshida, M. Akmil, A. Luqman Chuah, R. Chantar Thevy; 2012; Thermal Properties of Low-Density Polyethylene/ Alpha-Alumina Nanocomposites; Journal of Thermopllastic Composite Materials; Vol. 25 pg.415-426ii
  • Ching Tern Chee, N.L. Song, Luqman Chuah Abdullah, Thomas S.Y. Choong, Azowa Ibrahim, T.R. Chantara; 2012; Characterization of Mechanical Properties: Low-Density Polyethylene Nanocomposite Using Nanoalumina Particle as Filler; Journal of Nanomaterials, Vol. 2012; doi: 10.1155/2012/215978

Professional Associations

  • Graduate Engineer for Board of Engineer Malaysia
  • Graduate engineer in IEM (87663)

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