Power System and Machine Lab

This laboratory contains a range of electrical machines (Labvolt, K&H, Electronica and Leybold), power system hardware with associated instrumentation, power system protection and variable speed drives. Experiments conducted in this laboratory includes direct torque control, power system protection using SEL relays, ABB relays and Labvolt 8007 as well as AC/DC motor test using RLC load bank. It has a set of 9 PCs that are used for simulation. Power Electronics is also employed with all the hardware boards used. It is the prime laboratory for all power work.

This laboratory also houses experiments for renewable energy units. Indoor wind turbine simulation is performed in this laboratory using Electronica Indoor Wind Turbine simulator. The solar panel experiment is carried out in the outdoor. Students of final year normally use this lab for their final year projects.

Some of the major equipment that you can find this lab includes:

1. Test and Measurement Equipment from Keysight Technologies

Test and Measurement Equipment from Keysight Technologies

Keysight’s handheld solutions are constantly growing to cater to the needs of industry – electronic, electrical, installation and maintenance, or process testing. These industry-standard instruments are also suitable for educators and students to complete their basic test and measurement tasks. A wide range of Handheld Digital Multimeters, Clamp Meters, LCR meters, TrueIR Thermal Imager or Handheld Oscilloscopes with performance as good as benchtop models. The electrical engineering and physics students can learn what an oscilloscope does and how they can perform basic oscilloscope measurements. The TrueIR Thermal Imager is ideal for predictive maintenance activities, from hot spot detection to thermal profiling in industrial or commercial applications and higher temperature applications, such as welding, petro-chemical. It comes with comprehensive lab guide and tutorial written specifically for the undergraduate student.

2. Wind Power Generator Trainer from Elettronica Veneta

Wind Power Generator Trainer from Elettronica Veneta

Energy saving and environmental pollution reduction are crucial global issues. Using renewable energies as alternative sources to fossil fuels can address both issues, with great benefits especially in countries where traditional energy sources are scarce. Considering the above, this system enables experimental investigation on the conversion of wind energy into electricity by means of a wind power generator. The system configuration is stand-alone (isolated from the grid). The equipment is manufactured using real components available on the market. The unit can operate with or without the wind. The wind generator can be used both outdoors and indoors. In case of indoor use, an optional indoor operation device is required. The unit includes a data acquisition board with USB interface for connection to PC and voltage and current converters. A specific software (developed with LabView) is supplied to monitor the different parameters of the system.

3. Power System Protection Relays from Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

Power System Protection Relays from Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

SEL revolutionized power system protection by building the first microprocessor-based protective relay. Today, SEL leads in protective relays with high-speed, secure, and dependable fault detection; accurate fault location; and comprehensive automation and control functions. SEL provides complete solutions for transmission line protection. SEL transmission relays include subcycle line currenta differential and multizone distance protection. Use traveling wave fault location to locate the faults. Substation apparatus are valuable assets in power delivery systems for protection of transformers, buses, circuit breakers, and shunt capacitor banks.