A message by the Laboratory Manager, Ms Helda Puyang Jau,

The Faculty of Engineering and Science laboratories managed through the Laboratory Manager’s team.  The laboratories allocated in two main building in Skylark Precinct and consist of twenty five rooms. There are twenty laboratory staff worked within these laboratories to assist in the learning and teaching, laboratory equipment maintenance and also to ensure day to day operation are conforms to  occupational, health and safety standards. 

A list of laboratories and major equipment used in active use for teaching among various engineering programs are shown below: 

Building and Room # 

Laboratory Name 

Skylark 1 Room 100 

Sedimentology Lab

Skylark 1 Room 101 

Unit Operation Lab

Skylark 1 Room 102 

Fluid Mechanics Lab

Skylark 1 Room 103 

Geo-Mechanics Lab

Skylark 1 Room 104 

Heavy Structure Lab

Skylark 1 Room 104A

Compression Testing Lab

Skylark 1 Room 105 

Mechanical Workshop 

Skylark 1 Room 106 

Geo-Environmental Lab

Skylark 1 Room 201 

Research Lab 1

Skylark 1 Room 202 

Heat Transfer Lab

Skylark 1 Room 203 

Structures & Static Lab 

Skylark 1 Room 204 

Energy & Turbulences Lab

Skylark 2 Room 101 

Physic Lab

Skylark 2 Room 102 

Electronics and Embedded Interface Lab 

Skylark 2 Room 103 

Mechanics Lab 

Skylark 2 Room 104A 

Digital Media Maker Hub

Skylark 2 Room 104B 

Mineralogy Lab

Skylark 2 Room 105 

Electrical Power Lab 

Skylark 2 Room 106 

Analytical Lab

Skylark2 Room 201 

Research Lab 2

Skylark 2 Room 202 

Drilling and Cement Lab

Skylark 2 Room 203A 

Petro-physic Lab. 

Skylark 2 Room 203B 

Geo-Chemistry Lab. 

Skylark 2 Room 204 

Chemistry Lab 1 

Skylark 2 Room 205 

Chemistry Lab 2 

Skylark 2 Room 206 

Electronic & Communication Lab

Hornbill Prescint Room 105 

Geo-Physic Lab

Skylark 1 Room 107

Instron Room

Skylark 3 Room 202

High Performance Computer Lab (Petrel)

Skylark 3 Room 203

Networking Lab