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Dr. William Samuel Downey  HOD, Associate Professor    bill.downey  
Dr. Ramasamy Nagarajan  AD-R&D, FoES, Associate Professor Geochemistry: REE & Isotope Geochemistry of Carbonates and clastic Rocks; Diagenesis of Carbonates & Paleo-Climate; Provenance, Paleoweathring and Tectonic Setting; Environmental Geochemistry (Sediments/ Soil/ Water from River, stream, Estuarine and coastal regions), regional geochemical mapping  nagarajan  Level 1: Doctoral & Masters
 Dr. Rajat Mazumder  PC, Associate Professor Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, Archean Geology, Tectonics  rajat.m  Level 1: Doctoral & Masters
 Dr.Dominique Dodge-Wan  Associate Professor Sedimentary geology; Limestone rocks (deposition, facies, micropalaeontology); Karst and cave systems (mapping, morphology and genesis, geomicrobiology); Hydrogeology (groundwater resources, abstraction and protection)  dominique    Level 1: Doctoral & Masters
 Dr. M.V. Prasanna  Senior Lecturer (Head, E&E Research Cluster) Hydrogeochemistry; Geochemical Modelling; Isotope Geochemistry and Environmental Geochemistry; Cave Water Geochemistry; Sustainable Management  prasanna  Level 1: Doctoral & Masters
 Dr. Joel Ben-Awuah  Lecturer Petroleum Geology; Diagenesis and Reservoir Quality Analysis; Organic and Inorganic Geochemistry; Hydrocarbon Resource Assessment; Basin Modelling and Petroleum System Analysis; Petrophysics/ Formation Evaluation  jbenawuah  
Cynthia Paul Sebli  Associate Lecturer  Environmental Geochemistry  cynthia.psebli    
Illiya Amalina Ahmad Ramdzani  Associate Lecturer  Geophysics, Environmental Geology, Hydrogeology and Structural Geology  illiya.amalina    
 Vivian Dayong  Associate Lecturer  Geochemistry and sedimentology  viviandayong    


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