Advanced Lecture Series: Application of Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling and Simulation to Engineering Practice and Research


The Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Advance Lecture Series project which led by Dr. Sharul Sham bin Dol has finally come to an end last Friday 1st November. These lecture series span a total duration of 7 weeks starting from 13th of September. There are a total of 6 CFD topics shared by different speakers namely A/P Dr. Perumal Kumar, Dr. Sharul Sham bin Dol, Dr. Vincent Lee Chieng Chen, Dr. Wee Siaw Khur and Dr. Khor Ee Huey.

The project was intended to apply research-based pedagogical practices in CFD and to simulate learning resources through which students can benefit and empower their CFD knowledge. It is also aimed to trigger research and consultancy outputs among staffs. This project was funded by Curtin Sarawak Teaching Innovation Project (CSTIP). 


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