Curtin engineering students learn about well completion tools and intervention operations at Shell’s Wells Asia Pacific (Integrated Gas) Learning Facility

A recent site visit on 9th of August 2018 to Shell Wells Asia Pacific (Integrated Gas) Learning Hub located at Shell Sarawak Headquarter in Lutong, Miri, proved to be highly educational for 64 undergraduate students of Curtin University, Malaysia.

The visit to the Shell Wells Asia Pacific Learning Hub was organised by Head of Petroleum Department Dr. Hisham Khaled Ben Mahmud of Curtin Sarawak and led by lecturer of petroleum engineering Dr. Henry Foo Chee Yew.

The group of morning session was started at 9 am and welcomed by Mr. Reinaldo Hutabarat, Shell ASIA/PAC Wells Training Centre Manager, technical staff, Mr. Stanley Poh and Administration Department, Ms. Shirley Thou.

During the visit, it started off with a simple health, safety, security and environment (HSSE) briefing. After that, the students were given A3 sized poster that illustrated an overall process flow of drilling operation. It helps to get the students to have a better understanding on the training content during one and half hours talk on “Introduction to completion equipment and well intervention”. The talk enabled the students to learn more about drilling operations, including cycle of wells, well control, well intervention and workover, and pressure control during well intervention. It also gave them insights into the real-life work environment of professional engineers in the oil and gas industry.

Meanwhile, Dr. Henry commented that industry visits and other forms of practical learning are critical in the petroleum engineering course at Curtin Malaysia so that students can easily connect what they learn in classrooms to real-life industry applications. Such activities also complement practical study in fluid and reservoir rock laboratories and geodynamic lab work at the university.

After the talk, students were brought to model room to have a hand-on session and familiarization with selected downhole equipment. The students learned about various aspects of completion tools that are used during well completion before production and intervention operations, including the operation of slickline and braided line to convey downhole tools or equipment in a wellbore.

Meanwhile, Mr. Stanley commented that the visit exposed the students to various upstream engineering concepts and allowed them to see how they are applied in a real working environment. Dr. Henry also added that the centre is a valuable industry and community resource which will enable students to enhance their focus on process safety and offer a new level of excellence in wells training. The morning session was ended at 11.30 am and followed by afternoon session started at 1 pm. Similar training content was repeated for the afternoon session.

At the end of the visit, Dr. Henry handed Mr. Reinaldo Appreciation certificate from Petroleum Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering and Science, Curtin University, Malaysia for organizing such visit where students can gain useful knowledge related to their area of study.


Group photo for technical and academic staff and students.


Mr. Stanley engages with students during his presentation on completion tools.

Mr. Stanley describes working procedure of surface christmas tree and subsurface safety valve (SSSV).


Dr. Henry handed appreciation certificate to Mr. Reinaldo.