School of Engineering and Science Industry Appreciation Dinner 2013


An industry appreciation dinner was organised by the Industrial and External Relations Committee, School of Engineering and Science on 11 December 2013 at Imperial Palace Hotel.

The dinner started with a welcoming speech from Ir. Lim Chye Ing, the Chair of the committee. She mentioned that the School of Engineering and Science has continued to receive strong supports from the industries in year 2013. Engineers and engineering managers from the industries offered feedback to each engineering department as the Industrial Advisory Panel member. Engineering companies collaborated with academician in researches, and helped to train the students through industrial training. There are also some engineers who volunteered in the industrial mentorship programmes, site visit arrangement and guest lectures. These helped the School to continuously improve its engineering programme, and make sure that the programmes remain relevant to the needs of the industries.

Prof. Michael Cloke, the Dean of School of Engineering and Science, emphasised in his speech that collaborations and strong bonding between the university and the industries are very important as a requirement of the Engineering Accreditation Council. The dinner was arranged as a small token in appreciation of the supports and contributions of the industry to the University. Prof. Michael Cloke gave out the Certificates of Appreciation to all industrial advisory panel members after his speech.

The dinner was successfully organised with attendance of 45 industrial partners and academic staffs.



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