Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. If I plan to have my industrial training at the end of the year, when shall I register?
Students may meet the industrial training advisor from respective engineering department and register for industrial training throughout the year. Students are advise to seek for industrial placement early so that the registration could be done before end of second semester every year.

2. Are the training area restricted to the list of training area provided in the Industrial Training Handbook?
The list of training areas is not comprehensive and should be treated as a guideline. If you are not sure whether the area chosen is acceptable, you may refer to industrial training advisor from your department to assure that you are working in relevant engineering company.

3. If I have registered with the to attend training in an engineering company and later receive a second offer from another one that I preferred, can I cancel the previous registration?
Yes you can switch to another company with condition that you have not accepted the offer from the first company.
The new placement also need to be registered and approved by advisor from your department.

4. If I have started training in a company and found out that I do not like it, can I request to stop and change to another company?
Student shall contact the advisor from their department immediately if they want to terminate the training. Valid reasons shall be given and student has to get approval from the advisor on the new placement through official registration. Changing of industrial placement is however discouraged. Student is expected to handle any problem faced with the training company in a professional manner.

5. Will the visiting advisor inform the students prior to his/ her visit?
We will inform students prior to the visit. Therefore, make sure you provide the correct contact details and check your emails.

6. Will the visiting advisor visit each and every student attending industrial training?
No, the advisors will only visit some of the students. The however, will try its best to meet as many students as possible.

7. If I am going to transfer to Perth campus in year 4, do I still have to attend industrial training?
Yes, you do have to. To fulfil Engineers Australia requirement, Perth campus requires undergraduate engineering students to complete a minimum of 480 hours industrial training (That will be 12 weeks, if you work for 5 days a week, 8 hours a day).
Student who is going to transfer to Perth campus must provide a logbook to reflect the number of hours worked, a letter from the company confirming that they have completed the training and the hours worked, and a minimum 12 pages training report.
Thus, students are advised to complete the industrial training as how it is required in Malaysia campus, and contact the administrative assistant, Ms Jacqueline Martin to transfer all the required documents to Perth campus later.