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The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Curtin University Malaysia provides a motivational, supportive and efficient learning environment and harnesses the ability, creativity and initiatives of our students, and one which addresses the tremendous diversity in our student group, by catering to individual student needs. The department has advanced facilities from distributed learning rooms, different laboratory rooms for various workshops and  and laboratory equipment and offers four degree programs: Computer Systems Engineering, Electrical Power Engineering, Electronic and Communication Engineering and Computer Systems and Networking.


The Mission of Department is to offer our students the highest quality education with a solid engineering base, which engenders a broad awareness of social, cultural and ethical issues along with a sound understanding of the role of engineering in the industry, the government and the community as a whole.


The department is committed to undertake teaching and research in Electrical and Computer Engineering and work with the industry, the government and the community to make an impact on the field, which will increase the overall professional well being and contribute to the society.

Program Objective Form for Electronic & Communication Alumni

Curtin University Malaysia intends to maintain relationship with the alumni. We would like to know about your journey after finishing your study in Curtin University Malaysia. To subscribe with the newsletter for future events and information, register here .

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