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Student Clubs/Societies:  


  • To promote Civil & Construction Engineering discipline – To share and widen the knowledge in Civil & Construction Engineering discipline
  • To improve the Civil & Construction Engineering students learning experience
  • To develop harmonious relationship among Civil & Construction Engineering course stakeholders


  • Cultivating the Curtin Graduate Attributes amongst Chemical Engineering Students.
  • Enhancing students with their own soft skills.
  • Strengthening relationship between members and develop their social networking skills.
  • Creating the opportunity for students to get hands-on experience before stepping into the industry.
  • Educating the public about geology in particular focus to the region of Borneo and Malaysia in a wider sense
  • Promoting the studies of Earth Science in Curtin University
  • Supporting undergraduate students’ activities and causes

Curtin University Engineering Club (CUTEC) is a general engineering club where its members come from all engineering disciplines within the . The club does not only emphasize on  providing technical related activities and training skills to its members but also social activities and leadership training skills. Activities such as the Shell technical site visit, Shin Yang site visit, Asean Bintulu fertilizer plant visit, Miri airport technical site visit, SESCO Technical Site Visit etc are regularly organised to help students to get a better perspective of how the theories learnt in university life are applied in the daily life of an engineer’s job. CUTEC works closely with “YES” (Young Engineers Section) of Miri for its activities. The club also actively involved in the information sessions organised by IEM” (The institute of Engineers Malaysia) with regards to becoming a professional engineer in Malaysia.  

The formation of the club is to provide numerous benefits primarily to the Mechanical discipline students in Curtin University Sarawak as well as the rest of the community. Other than promoting mechanical engineering studies in Curtin University, CUMEC aimed to create an interactive platform where mechanical engineering students to discuss on academic and non-academic issues, a platform to provide industrial exposure, soft and hard skills training and much more. Other than playing part in providing services to our members, we also act as a channel and solution to narrow down the gap between the teaching materials and the students by creating events that involve staff and students.  


The main purpose of Curtin IEEE Student Branch is for the dissemination of knowledge of theory and practice of all aspects of electrical engineering, computers and electronics as well as the furtherance of the professional development of the student. The mission of the Curtin IEEE Student Branch is to promote the electro technology and the associate sciences, benefit humanity by means of the electro-technology , promote the advance of the profession and facilitate intercommunication to IEEE students. The Curtin IEEE Student Branch has successfully hosted many events in the past few years, for instance, Android Workshops, Programming Puzzles, IEEE outing and teambuilding and Electronic Exhibition. Not only this, Curtin IEEE Student Branch actively participates in exclusive events such as Smart Car Competition, Robocon Competition, Wireless Hacking Workshop, Open Source Software Expo and ECE Department Robotics. Currently, Curtin IEEE Student Branch also runs the Curtin Robotics Club in the Curtin University, which was started in 2008.  


The Institution of Engineers Malaysia,  Curtin University Student Section   American Association of Petroleum Geologist, Curtin University Sarawak Student Chapter   Note. Contact email of the clubs/societies are in the “Related Links” page

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