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Dr. Chua Han Bing

Associate Professor & Head

Development of Compartmented Fluidized Bed Gasifier (CFBG) for syngas production from biomass; Syngas Cleaning Technology; Anaerobic Digester for Biogas production from POME and Palm wastes; Fungal and Bacterial Consortium for Composting of EFB from Oil-palm and Technologies in Chemical Micromachining of Advanced Ceramics


Level 1: Doctoral & Masters

Dr. Ha Ming Ang 

Adjunct Professor

Industrial Crystallization, Reaction Engineering, Biotechnology, Environmental Engineering including Industrial Wastewater Treatment, Contaminated Soil Remediation and Air Pollution


Dr. Michael Danquah

Adjunct Professor

Biomedical and Bioprocess Engineering,    Bioseparation adsorbent design and functionalization for downstream processing and biomolecule purification. Affinity ligand design and characterization for biosensing applications.  Biochemical analysis of environmental soil and water systems.   Microbial synthesis of biofuels and bioproducts via consolidated bioprocessing.    Environmental bioremediation – CO2 biosequestration and wastewater treatment.    Biomass disruption and biopolymer analyses and applications.    Metabolic engineering of cellular pathways,   Bioconversion of liquid and solid wastes


Level 1: Doctoral & Masters

Dr.Perumal Kumar

Associate Professor

CFD, Fluids and Thermal Enginering, Transport Phenomena, CO2 Capture by Membrane and Rotating Packed Bed, Supercritical Heat Transfer , Process Intensification studies in Heat Exchangers and Flow assurance studies


Level 1: Doctoral & Masters

Dr. Jobrun Nandong Associate Professor Process modeling, optimization and control; Extraction of natural plants; Deviding-wall column design and control; Renewable energy – hydrogen energy and biofules; Thermochemical cycle plant design and simulation; Membrane reactor – water gas shift reaction; Integrated wastewater-greenshouse gas capture; Formulation of plant extracts; Adsoprtion; Control of physiology in fruit ripening process.  jobrun.n Level 1: Doctoral & Masters
Dr. Mubarak Mujawar Associate Professor Carbon nanotube/ nanofiber synthesis using microwave heating. Synthesis of magnetic biochar and activated carbon using microwave technology. Immobilization of enzyme on carbon nanotubes, Synthesis of biofuel using microwave heating . Application of CNTs and CNFs for removal liquids and gases pollutant. Protein purification using CNTs, Waste water treatment, Separation Process and Thermodynamics, Advanced material and Reaction Engineering  jobrun.n

Level 1: Doctoral & Masters
Dr. Agus Saptoro Sr.Lecturer Multivariate data analysis, Statistical process control and inferential sensor design, Process modeling and optimisation, Process intensification, CO2 capture technology  agus.saptoro Level 1: Doctoral & Masters
Freddie Panau Sr.Lecturer Supercritical fluid extractions, Lipids physio-chemcial properties, Innovative and simple technologies for rural area  freddie.p   
Dr. John Lau Sie Yon Sr.Lecturer and PC  Biocatalysis and separation process, Enzyme technology in various applications; Separation using membrane technology, Environmental biotechnology and Engineering  johnlsy Level 1: Doctoral & Masters
Dr. Stephanie Chan Yen San Sr.Lecturer Bionanotechnology, Bioprocessing Engineering & Technology, Biotechnology, Microwave technology, Drug Delivery  chanyensan Level 1: Doctoral & Masters
Dr. Lau Shiew Wei Lecturer Coagulation and flocculation (bioflocculation), wastewater and sludge treatment, biomass utilisation  lau.shiew.wei Level 2: Doctoral & Masters
Dr. Jibrail Kansedo Lecturer Renewable Energy, Biofuel, Biodiesel Productions (Edible and Non-Edible Sources), Catalytic Reactions (Heterogeneous Catalysts), Reaction Kinetics Modeling  jibrail.k Level 2: Doctoral & Masters
Dr. Bridgid Chin Lai Fui Lecturer Gasification, Pyrolysis, Syngas Cleaning Technologies, Green Technology  bridgidchin Level 2: Doctoral & Masters
Dr. Zeinab Abbas Jawad Lecturer Membrane Technology, Nanotechnology, Gas Separation, Advanced Materials, Petroleum Refinery, Petrochemical Industries  zeinab.aj  
Dr. Wendy Ng Pei Qin Lecturer Process and supply network/strategy modelling; Process synthesis, design and optimisation; Palm biomass planning, processing and utilisation Level 2: Doctoral & Masters
Dr. Au Pek Ing Lecturer Rheology, Colloid Chemistry, Surface Chemistry, Mineral Processing, Surface Charge Properties, Materials Characterisation, Tailings Level 2: Doctoral & Masters
Dr. Tan Yie Hua Lecturer Biofuel conversion technology, catalysis development, biodiesel production, process optimisation and modelling, renewable energy  tanyiehua  
Tay Chen Lim Lecturer Primary and Secondary Electrochemical-related Devices; Polymers, mainly focus on the Solid Polymer Electrolyte for electrochemical device application; Fuel cells, experimental or simulation based studies.  taycl  
Christine Yeo Wan Sieng Associate Lecturer Inferential sensor design, Process Integration for Pollution Prevention, Hydrolysis of Palm Olein  christineyeo    
Hii Kiew Ling Associate Lecturer Biomass conversion, Environmental biotechnology and Engineering, Cell cultivation, Fermentation and optimization  hiikiewling    
Jenney Ngu Lim Song Associate Lecturer Wastewater treatment, Polymer composite  jenney.ngu    
Level 1: can supervise both PhD and MPhil students; Level 2: can be Co-Supervisor for PhD and Main Supervisor for MPhil 

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