Mechanical Engineering Students Participated in the Shell Eco-Marathon 2011

Once again, Mechanical Engineering Department of Curtin University Sarawak Malaysia made our presence in the Shell Eco-marathon Asia held at Sepang International Circuit from 6-9 July 2011. Competing with the vehicle named ‘I-GEF’ (Incredible Go For Eco) under the Prototype category, the ‘Incredible Team’ were among the 121 teams from all over Asia that competed in the event. The team, led by Mr. Rajamohan, comprises our final year Mechanical Engineering students Wilson Lim You Wei (manager), Richard Lo Li Zhe, Bernard Huang Chee Soon, Wong Mau Hong, Ho Dong Sun, Yeo Chee Won, Luk Kuok Chii, Low Man Huan, Wong Kwang Yang, Kueh Sze Chiat, and James Chai. Shell Eco-marathon is a competition that requires students to design, build and test energy efficient vehicles. The winner will be the team that can go the farthest using the least amount of fuel. The competition allows the students to put theories into practice and has provided an excellent platform to learn and share with students as well as technologies from all around the world. Click for full news report on Borneo Post  

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