Intelligent System, Design and Control

The Intelligent Systems, Design and Control (ISDC) is one of the four research areas at the School of Engineering and Science, Curtin University Sarawak. The ISDC focuses on the control design and applications, modelling and identification of complex systems, intelligent systems, and signal processing in communications.   The research theme is to create innovative solutions to a wide range of complex problems having practical importance to the society through the adoption of theories in modelling, optimization and control, as well as via the development and applications of new engineering techniques. Additionally, the ISDC fosters intellectual growth of undergraduate as well as graduate students in Chemical, Mechanical and Electrical and Computer Engineering via innovative, multidisciplinary research.


Control Designs

  • Nonlinear and Robust Control Systems
  • Decentralized Control Systems
  • Stochastic and Quantum Control Systems
  • Model Predictive Control (MPC)
  • Iterative Identification-Controller Design
  • Multi-scale Control
  • Advanced PID Controller Synthesis

Control Applications

  • Continuous and Fed-Batch Bioprocesses
  • Electro-Mechanical Systems
  • Time-delay Systems
  • Large-scale Multivariable Chemical Plants

Optimization, Modelling and Identification

  • Multi-Physics Modelling
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modelling
  • Plantwide Design and Optimization
  • Multi-scale Modelling of Complex Biosystems
  • Mathematical Optimization and Analysis

Intelligent Systems

  • Intelligent Vehicle Vision Systems
  • Bio-mechanics: 2D and 3D human motion detection
  • Multi Agent Systems
  • Nature Inspired Algorithms
  • Soft Sensor and Predictive Tool Development

Signal Processing and Communications

  • MIMO Cooperative Wireless Communications
  • Digital Filter Set Design for Bandwidth-Efficient Multiuser Communications
  • Wideband Waveform Design for Radar and Sonar
  • Wireless Sensors


Associate Prof. Dr. Agus Saptoro (Chair), Ammar Masaoud, Chew Ing Ming, Christine Yeo Wan Sieng, Filbert Hilman Yuwono, Foad Motalebi, Garenth Lim King Hann, Jobrun Nandong,  Kamaroizam Mohamad, Kelvin Yong Sheng Check, Law Kah Haw, Law Minh Chiat, Lenin Gopal, Ling Huo Chong, Pang Po Ken, Perumal Kumar, Raymond Chiong Choo Wee, Regina Reine Hendranata, S Veeramani, Tiong Teck Chai, Wee Siaw Khur, Wong Kiing Ing, Wong Wei Kitt, Zhuquan Zang.

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