Professional Membership and Professional Registration

Many engineers join professional engineering societies to keep abreast of latest developments in their respective fields. These societies function as a professional homes for engineers, organizing talks and conferences, in addition to providing its members with magazines and other publications. Students may join these professional engineering societies as student members, paying heavily discounted membership dues. Some societies are more general in nature, like the Institution of Engineers Malaysia and Engineers Australia. Others are more discipline-specific, like the Institution of Chemical Engineers UK and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering USA. Listed below are some of the professional societies available to engineers:

In addition to belonging to a professional society, engineers also strive towards professional registration. Engineering graduates need to have undergone sufficient practical training before they can be considered for professional registration. The exact requirements for professional registration will vary from country to country. Professional registration for engineers in Malaysia falls under the purview of the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM). In Malaysia, professionally registered engineers use the prenominal ‘Ir’, or the postnominal ‘PE’ which stands for Professional Engineer. Both titles enjoy legal protection in Malaysia. Listed below are several links from the BEM website regarding professional registration in Malaysia.

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