Postgraduate Opportunity (Master of Philosophy)


The Agricultural Value Chain in Sarawak



Master of Philosophy (Management)

Duration: 1.5 years

Tuition Fee: Waived

Stipend: RM2,000 per month 



  1. A Sarawakian
  2. A Bachelor’s Degree with at least a Lower Second Class Honours or minimum CGPA of 2.75



This research is a part of the project funded by Sarawak Multimedia Authority through Digital Sarawak Centre of Excellence 2018 – 2020. 



In Sarawak, the agriculture industry is one of the main income contributors to the state’s economy. However, the agricultural value chain in Sarawak seems to be unclear. It seems that the value chain actors within the agricultural value chain, such as farmers (smallholders or otherwise), suppliers, financial institutions and others need identification. Such a status quo hinders further development in improving yields and market opportunities, and subsequently hinders the improvement of socio-economic aspects of the value chain actors, particularly the smallholder farmers.

The identification of the agricultural value chain in Sarawak will assist the build-up of connectivity and linkages among the associated actors. This is of utmost importance, for the geographically dispersed smallholder farmers who have limited access to the agricultural value chain in Sarawak. The emergence of digital technology provides a strong potential platform for this community to overcome this barrier and forge collaboration with other value chain actors to improve their yields and gain access to wider markets.

This proposal aims to identify the agricultural value chain in Sarawak with its associated value chain actors, and the pain points faced by the actors, in particular smallholder farmers. Here, pain points refer to the issues and difficulties faced by the smallholder farmers. Then, a proposal for a digital platform, which consists of a website and mobile app, will be developed according to the data obtained to build connectivity for the smallholder farmers with the agricultural value chain actors such as input suppliers, buyers, processors and financial service providers, with the purpose of maximizing their benefits, which eventually creates an impact to the socio-economic through agricultural development.



Potential candidates should contact:

A/Professor Dr. Tang Fu Ee

Associate Professor | Department of Civil and Construction Engineering

Faculty of Engineering and Science | Curtin University Malaysia

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