Henry Elochukwu Okafor


Henry Elochukwu Okafor
Fellow HEA, M.Sc, B.Eng.

Contact Information
Tel: +60 85 630100 Ext: 2441
Fax: +60 85 630254
Location: Skylark 3.L2.308

Email: henry.e@curtin.edu.my

Academic History

  • Master of Science (Petroleum Engineering), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, 2013
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Petroleum and Gas Engineering), University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria, 2006.

Book Publication

  • Gholami, R and Abid, K., Elochkuwu, H., Han Bing, C. (2017). Cement degradation in CO2 geosequestration sites: mechanisms interactions and possible solutions, Oil Well Drilling: Problems, Processes and Industry Prospects, 1st Edition, Nova Publication.

Journal Publication

  • Gholami, R., Elochukwu, H., Fakhari, N., Sarmadivaleh, M. (2018). A review on borehole instability in active shale formations: Interactions, mechanisms and inhibitors. Earth-Science Reviews, 177, 2-13.
  • Khizar, A., Gholami, R., Elochukwu, H., Mostofi, M., Chua, H.B., Muktadir, G. (2017). A methodology to improve nanosilica based cement used in CO2 sequestration sites. Petroleum. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.petlm.2017.10.005
  • Elochkuwu, H., Gholami, R., Sham Dol, S., (2017). An approach to improve the cutting carrying capacity of nanosilica based muds, Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, 152, 309-316.
  • Gholami, R., Aadnoy, B., Foon, L. Y., Elochukwu, H. (2016). A methodology for wellbore stability analysis in anisotropic formations: A case study from the Canning Basin, Western Australia, Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering.
  • Raza, A., Gholami, R., Sarmadivaleh, M., Tarom, N., Rezaee, R., Chua, H. B., Nagarajan, R., Hamid, M. A., Elochukwu. H. (2016). Integrity analysis of CO2 storage sites concerning geochemical geomechanical interactions in saline aquifers. Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering.
  • H.E. Okafor, Y. Sukirman and G. Raoof. Adsorption and wettability study of methyl ester sulphonate on precipitated asphaltene. 10th Curtin University Technology Science and Engineering International Conference. 6-8 November, 2015.
  • H.E. Okafor and H.B. Khaled. An environmentally friendly solvent mix for asphaltene removal. ARPN journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Vol 10, No 22. December, 2015.
  • A.B. Amirul , I. M. Saaid and H.E. Okafor. Bio-Solvent: Performance Assessment of plant extracts as asphaltene inhibitor. Journal of Petroleum Engineering and Technology. Volume 5, No 1, 2015.
  • H.E. Okafor, I. M. Saaid and R.M. Pilus. Organic deposit remediation using environmentally benign solvents: A Review. ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Volume 9, No 10, October 2014.
  • H.E. Okafor, Farshid Attarhamed and Mohammad Joukarborazjany. A computer Program to evaluate asphaltene induced formation damage around the near well bore region. ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Volume 8, No 6, June 2013.
  • H.E. Okafor and J. Mohammad. Asphaltene induced formation damage mitigation: A review. International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research Academy (IJMRA). Vol 3, issue 6, pp. 446-455. June 2013.
  • H.E. Okafor, J. Mohammad  and A. Farshid. Incorporating oil and gas software into Petroleum Engineering Education curriculum. Engineering Science and Technology: an international journal (ESTIJ). Vol 3(1), pp. 49-58. February 2013.

Research Projects

  • Improving rheological properties of water-based drilling fluid using palm derived methyl ester sulphonate surfactant and waste polystyrene nano-particle. (Principal Investigator) FRGS (RM 71,000 ).
  • Move towards technology-driven concept based learning. (Principal Investigator) CMTIP (RM 2,000).
  • A move towards interdisciplinary industry-driven project based learning. (Co-Investigator) CMTIP (RM 2,000)
  • Techniques to humanize online laboratory learning delivery. (Principal Investigator) CMTIP (RM 2,000)

Research Areas

  • Flow Assurrance: Asphaltene, Paraffin wax, Emulsion, Scales
  • Well intervention and stimulation
  • Drilling Fluid/Cement
  • CO2 Sequestration
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery

Professional Affiliation

  • Member, Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)

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