Vincent Lee Chieng Chen


Associate Professor Dr. Vincent C C Lee

Acting Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Science

PhD, BEng (Hons), CSci, CEng MIMechE, PMP

Associate Professor | Department of Mechanical Engineering | Faculty of Engineering and Science

Contact Details Telephone: +60 85 443939 Extn: 2475 | Location: Skylark (SK3)-438 | Email:

Research Interests: Engineering Education, Non-linear Mechanics, Simultaneous Microwave-Ultrasound Irradiation, Sports engineering and technologies


Dr. Lee is an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Curtin University Malaysia. He is a Chartered Engineer (CEng) registered with the Engineering Council (UK), Chartered Scientist (CSci) with the Science Council (UK), and a Project Management Professional (PMP). He received his Bachelor of Engineering with Honours, and Doctor of Philosophy from The University of Nottingham in 2009 and 2013, respectively.  He joined Curtin University Malaysia in 2013.  Prior joining Curtin University Sarawak Malaysia, he served as a Research Engineer at Daikin Malaysia.  Dr. Lee’s research focuses on the use of numerical and experimental methods of non-linear dynamics to solve engineering problems.  Dr. Lee has received more than RM 200 thousands research grants from government to develop his research.


Fellowships, Awards, Certifications, Achievements and Appointments

  • National Science Fellowship, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, 2009-2012
  • Research Led Fund Award, Postgraduate Colloquium for Environmental Research, 2011


Professional Affiliation

  • Member, Energy Institute
  • Member, Project Management Institute
  • Member, Institution of Mechanical Engineers
  • Professional Member, Institute of Materials Malaysia


Subjects Taught

  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Engineering Noise Control
  • Vibration


Recent Publications

  1. San, Y. K., Thien, R., & Lee, V. C. C. (2018). Numerical study on erosion of a pipe bend with a vortex chamber. Particulate Science and Technology, 1-7. (Thomson Reuters)

  2. Kong, Y. V., Khandoker, N., Lee, V. C. C., & Islam, S. (2018). A Simple Spot Weld Joint Finite Element Model for Vibration Analysis. In Materials Science Forum (Vol. 911, pp. 112-117). Trans Tech Publications. (Scopus)

  3. Lee, V. C. C., Abakr, Y. A., & Woo, K. C. (2017). Performance evaluation of multi-stage open-loop impedance pump. International Journal of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, 12(1), 11. (Thomson Reuters)

  4. Lee, V. C. C., Chai, C. H., Law, M. C., & Wee, S. K. (2017). On the analysis of impedance-driven reverse flow dynamics. Journal of Engineering Science and Technology, 12(2), 451-459. (Thomson Reuters)

  5. Lee, V. C. C., & San Yam, K. (2017). Introduction of OpenStudio® for Work Integrated Learning: Case Study on Building Energy Modelling. In Asian Simulation Conference (pp. 349-358). Springer, Singapore. (Scopus)

  6. Lee, V. C. C., & Chong, J. C. (2017). Effects of intermediary reservoir in a two-stage impedance pump. In MATEC Web of Conferences (Vol. 87, p. 02028). EDP Sciences. (Scopus)

  7. Pang, J. N. I., Harno, H. G., & Lee, V. C. C. (2017). On-off skyhook semi-active control via a magneto-rheological (MR) damper for airfoil-based energy harvesting systems. In IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering (Vol. 217, No. 1, p. 012024). IOP Publishing. (Thomson Reuters)

  8. Yeong, S. P., Law, M. C., Lee, V. C. C., & Chan, Y. S. (2017). Modelling batch microwave heating of water. In IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering (Vol. 217, No. 1, p. 012035). IOP Publishing. (Thomson Reuters)

  9. Yam, K. S., Yem, W. L., & Lee, V. C. C. (2017). Evaluation of the Passive Cooling Strategies for Pei Min Sport Complex. In IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering (Vol. 217, No. 1, p. 012025). IOP Publishing. (Thomson Reuters)

  10. Chien, S. E. M., Reddy, M. M., Lee, V. C. C., & Sujan, D. (2017). The Study of Coated Carbide Ball End Milling Tools on Inconel 718 Using Numerical Simulation Analysis to Attain Cutting Force and Temperature Predictive Models at the Cutting Zone. In Materials Science Forum (Vol. 882, pp. 28-35). Trans Tech Publications. (Scopus)

  11. MacChesney, Z. S., Lee, V. C. C., & Law, M. C. (2017). A Filter Based Flow Decomposition Method. In Proceeding of One Curtin International Postgraduate Conference 2017

  12. Yeong, S. P., You, K. Y., Chan, Y. S., Lee, V. C. C., & Law, M. C. (2017) Dielectric Properties of Palm Fatty Acid Distillate and its Biodiesel under 5.8 and 18 GHz Microwave Frequencies. In Proceeding of One Curtin International Postgraduate Conference 2017

  13. Wong, W. K., Ali, C., Ing, W. K., Haw, L. K., & Lee, V. C. C. (2016). Optimisation of Neural Network with Simultaneous Feature Selection and Network Prunning using Evolutionary Algorithm. Journal of Telecommunication, Electronic and Computer Engineering (JTEC), 8(12), 83-86. (Scopus)

  14. Wee, S. K., Pok, Y. W., Law, M. C., & Lee, V. C. C. (2016). The study of solid circulation rate in a compartmented fluidized bed gasifier (CFBG). In IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science (Vol. 36, No. 1, p. 012036). IOP Publishing. (Scopus)

  15. Lee, V. C. C., Chai, C. H., Law, M. C., & Wee, S. K. (2016). Experimental Analysis of Impedance-Driven Reverse Flow Dynamics. In Applied Mechanics and Materials (Vol. 819, pp. 305-308). Trans Tech Publications.


Keynote/Invited Speaker

  • Lee V C C, 2017. Chatter Vibration in Metal Cutting, Plenary Presentation. In: 8th International Conference on Manufacturing Science and Technology. Hong Kong, 23-25 June 2017.


Research Grants and Consultancy Projects

  1. A blended learning approach to teach Engineering Mechanics, Curtin Malaysia Teaching Innovation Project Scheme (ongoing)

  2. Enhancing Machinability of Nickel Super Alloys using Advanced Tools in End Milling Operation, Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (ongoing)

  3. Development, numerical modelling and experimental verification of a microwave-heated and cavitation-induced distillation vessel to improve the cold flow properties of palm oil biodiesel, Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (ongoing)

  4. Mathematical formulation and analysis of boiling heat and mass transfer subject to simultaneous microwave ultrasound irradiation, Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (ongoing) 

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