Mahmood Anwar


Dr. Mahmood Anwar

PhD(Biomaterials), MEng (Thermofluids), BSc Eng (Mechanical), SFHEA, FIMM,  CEng MIMMM, P.Tech. (MBOT), M.ASME, M.TMS

Senior Lecturer | Department of Mechanical Engineering | Faculty of Engineering and Science

Contact Details Telephone: +60 85 443939 Extn: 2480 | Location: Skylark (SK3)-437 | Email:

Research Interests:

  • Biomaterials, Liquid Metals and Advanced Ceramics.
  • Nanomaterials, Materials Characterization and Corrosion Engineering
  • Materials for High Voltage Engineering.
  • Thermoacoustics and acoustic materials.
  • Surface Engineering and coatings (Thermal oxidation, CVD and PVD, etc.)
  • Radiation Shielding Materials and Nuclear Engineering.
  • Engineering Education.

Research Profile:


Dr.Mahmood Anwar is a Senior Lecturer in the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Curtin University, Sarawak Campus, Malaysia. Prior to join academic position, he was a Research Scientist in Hitachi CFP PTE., Singapore and involved as a lead Scientist for High Voltage Component Research and corrosion protection projects.  Currently, he is leading nanomaterials research for developing corrosion resistive high voltage conductor. He is also technical advisor of several palm oil industries for acoustic materials design. He has been long serving member of IMM Coating Fingerprint Taskforce for Coating Standard Development towards Oil& Gas industry. He is also a professional certified coating quality controller for Oil & Gas Industry. Currently, he is also serving as a member in Committee for Standard Development on Nanotechnology, Advanced Ceramics and Metallic & Inorganic Coatings Division of ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials). He has published more than 30 research papers up to date including Journals and International Conferences. He is holding one Malaysian patent which is under filing process. He is very active in industrial research and academic accreditation works, serving as an auditor for numerous academic programme. Due to his industrial research contribution, he has been awarded Fellow of Institute of Materials, Malaysia. He is a Chartered Engineer (CEng MIMMM) and a Fellow of Advance Higher Learning (HEA, UK). Dr. Mahmood is a registered Level 1 supervisor in Curtin University, Australia for Doctoral and Master Thesis. 

Professional Experience

  • Senior Lecturer, University, Dates (12/ 2017 to up to date)
  • Lecturer, University, Dates (09/ 2014 to 11/2017)
  • Engineer / Research Scientist, Hitachi CFP Pty Ltd (Singapore), Dates (2012 – 2014)

Fellowships, Awards, Certifications and Achievements

  • Senior Fellow of Higher Education Academy (HEA, UK).
  • Fellow of IMM (Institute of Materials, Malaysia).
  • CEng MIMMM (IOM3, UK).
  • P.Tech. (MBOT, Malaysia).
  • Certified Coating Fingerprint Quality Controller (IMM, Malaysia).
  • Certified PREP Reviewer, LITEC, Curtin University.
  • Program Coordinator, Dept. of Mechancal Engineering (07/2016-06/2018).
  • Auditor, Academic Audit Panel for PhD and Bachelor of Commerce degree, Faculty of Business, Curtin University (July-October/2017 and July/2018).

Professional Affiliation

  • Member, American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
  • Member, IOM3 (Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining Engineers, UK).
  • Member, TMS (The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society, USA).
  • Member, ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials).
  • Member, IET (The Institution of Engineers & Technology, UK).

Additional Professional Activities

  • Guest Editor (Materials Section): SOMChE2016
  • Reviewer (Journals): JOM -Springer/BEPAM-Emerald/ MSE-Springer
  • Taskforce Member: (i) IMM Coating Fingerprint Committee, Malaysia (2016-2020); (ii) Nanotechnology Education Committee, ASTM, USA (2016-2017).
  • Session Chair, Conferences/international seminars: DuraBi 2018, 9th SOMChe 2016, 7th ICMST, 4th ICAMT 2015 and CUTSE 2018, 2014.
  • Council Member, The Institute of Materials Malaysia (2020-2022).
  • Deputy Chair, IMM-MBOT Assessment Panel (2020-2022).
  • Co-Chair, IMM-Standards Development Committee (2020-2022).

Subjects Taught

  • Applied Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
  • Engineering Noise Control
  • Materials Engineering
  • Linear Systems and Control
  • Engineering Management
  • Heat Transfer
  • Applied Fluid Mechanics
  • Industrial Fluid Mechanics   
  • Engineering Foundations- Design and Principles

Research Supervision

  • 1 PhD (Completed) 1 PhD (Ongoing)
  • 1 MPhil (Completed) 2 MPhil (Ongoing),
  • 19 UG (Completed) 4 UG (Ongoing)



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  1. Normah Mohd. Ghazali and Mahmood Anwar, 2009, “A Correlation between theoretical and operating resonance frequency for an Applied Thermoacoustic Refrigerator”, PI 2009 3857, Malaysia (Filing Process).

Keynote/Invited Speaker

Invited Speaker:

  1. Materials Engineering – An Industrial Perspective, Materials Engineering Course, Year 1 Mechanical Engineering Program, CQU University, 2021, Australia.
  2. Characterization of Zn and Non-Volatile Matter in Polymer Coating through EDS Method towards Coating Fingerprint Certificate, FPSS, IMTCE 2016, KL, Malaysia.
  3. International Professional Bodies: Membership That Matters, PGSS-FKM, UTM, 2015, Malaysia.
  4. Lightning Related Surge and Surge Protection Component: Current Challenges, OCIEBS, 2014, Singapore.
  5. Hitachi High Voltage Component: A Major Breakthrough, BPC 2014, Singapore.

Research Grants and Consultancy Projects

  1. Co-Researcher, Nanomilling Hydrothermal/Enzymatic Treatment towards Lignin Isolation from Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch in Sarawak, SRDC 2020, Sarawak Research and Development Council, Sarawak State Govt., Malaysia, 2020, RM 50,000.
  2. Principal Researcher, Matrix Density Influence on Dispersion Behaviour of Oil Palm Filler Reinforced Epoxy Green Nanocomposite, FRGS 2019, RM 103,200.00, Ministry of Education, Malaysia, 2019.
  3. Co-Researcher, Vegetable Nanofluid Based MQL Influence on End Milling Machinability of Nickel Alloy, Curtin Malaysia Higher Degree Research Grant (CMHDR), RM 75,600.00, 2020.
  4. Principal Researcher, Enhancing Future Employability Skills Through Innovative Teaching Delivery in Manufacturing Processes Course Incorporating Library Facility Curtin Malaysia Teaching Innovation Project (CMTIP) Scheme, RM 2,000.00, 2019.
  5. Co-Researcher, Chemical modification of thermal spray deposited coating to enhance corrosion resistance properties via sealing pore mechanism, Curtin Malaysia Research Institute Project (CMRI), RM 90,000.00, 2018.
  6. Principal Researcher, Acoustic Analysis and Noise Control of Nut Polishing Station Through Acoustic Transmission Technology in Palm Oil Mill, Industrial Funded Project, (approximately RM 12,000.00), 2017.
  7. Principal Researcher, Automated Sludge Measurement for Palm Oil Effluent Pond Cleaning Using SONAR Technology, Industrial Funded Project, (approximately RM 15,000.00), 2017.
  8. Principal Researcher, Acoustic Analysis and Noise Control of Kernel Recovery Nut Cracking Station in Palm Oil Mill, Industrial Funded Project, (approximately RM 32,000.00), 2016.
  9. Principal Researcher, Light Weight Radiation Shielding Material for Nuclear Disaster Management, Capacity building to reduce disaster RISK in the UK and Malaysia, UK-Malaysia Research Links Workshop Travel Grant (Newton Fund-British Council), RM 2,000.00, 2015.

Student Projects


  1. Hiru Puroshothaman Hirudayanathan, Thesis title “Vegetable Nanofluid Based MQL Influence On End Milling Machinability of Nickel Alloy” (On-Going).
  2. Prabhakar Kandasamy, Thesis title “Wear & Mechanical Performance of Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer Nanocomposite” (2020).


  1. Dominick Wong Hwan Liang, Thesis title “Matrix Density Influence on Mechanical Performance of Oil Palm Filler Reinforced Nanocomposite” (On-going).
  2. Tan Ke Khieng, Thesis title “Low Strain Rates Behaviour of Carbon Nanotube Enhanced Bagasse-epoxy Composites for Dynamic Structure Applications,” (On-going).
  3. Mohammad Asyraf Bin Mohammad Hatta, Thesis title “Nano silver doped polymer conductor for high voltage application” (2018).

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