Postgraduate Opportunities

Mechanical Engineering Department welcomes applications from qualified candidates to any member of our academic staff in their respective research areas for Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). Interested candidates may contact the respective academic staff directly OR can send an email to Head of Department, The area of research in the Mechanical Engineering Department includes, but is not limited to Experimental and Computational Fluid Dynamics, Heat Transfer & Thermal Applications, Renewable Energy, Aerodynamics, Multi-physics Modeling and Micromechanics, Green Composites and Nano Polymer Composites, Advanced Materials and Manufacturing, Bio-materials and High-voltage Materials, Acoustics, Corrosion Engineering,  and Industrial Engineering etc.

You will need academic advice on the suitability of your proposed research area, research topic and the availability of supervisors. A list of potential supervisors is available here.

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