Undergraduate Courses

The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers students an industry connected education experience which is uniquely placed to provide solutions to the challenges faced by the global community.  The academic staffs are dedicated to the enhancement of teaching and research and the pursuit of excellence and innovative applications of engineering technology as a contribution to the advancement of scientific knowledge, understanding and community relevance.  Project and research work is conducted in association with industry and ranges in scope from fundamental studies to topics directed at development of processes or plant.  The undergraduate course offered by the Department of Mechanical Engineering is as below:

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Mechanical Engineering

1st Year, 1st Semester Units   1st Year, 2nd Semester Units
Unit Code Unit Name Credits   Unit Code Unit Name Credits
MCEN1000 Engineering Mechanics 25   ELEN1000 Electrical Systems 25
MAEN1000 Engineering Materials 25   MATH1020 Calculus for Engineers 25
MATH1019 Linear Algebra and Statistics for Engineers 25   INDE1001 Engineering Foundations: Design and Processes 25
INDE1000 Engineering Foundations: Principles & Communications 25   COMP1004 Engineering Programming 12.5
        1st Year Optional Units (select 1)
        ELEN1001 Introduction to Renewable Energy 12.5
        ENGR1000 Engineering Connections  12.5
2nd Year, 1st Semester Units   2nd Year, 2nd Semester Units
ENGR2000 Fluid Mechanics 25   ENEN2000 Engineering Sustainable Development 12.5
MATH2012 Engineering Mathematics 12.5   MCEN2004 Manufacturing Processes 25
MCEN2000 Fundamentals of Strength of Materials 25   MCEN2002 Fundamentals of Mechanical Design 25
MCEN2003 Machine Dynamics 25   MCEN2001 Fundamentals of Thermodynamics 25
MCEN2005 Engineering Graphics 12.5   ELEN2004 Electrical Plant 12.5
3rd Year, 1st Semester Units   3rd Year, 2nd Semester Units
MCEN3005 Fundamentals of Mechanical Vibration 25   MCEN3006 Linear Systems and Control 25
MCEN3003 Competitive Manufacturing Processes 25   MGMT3000 Engineering Management 25
MCEN3004 Advanced Strength of Materials 25   MCEN3002 Applied Fluid Mechanics 25
MCEN3000 Applied Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer 25   MCEN3001 Machine Design 25
12 weeks Industrial Internship (EIT 301)
4th Year, 1st Semester Units   4th Year, 2nd Semester Units
MCEN4005 Mechanical Engineering Research Project 1 25   MCEN4006 Mechanical Engineering Research Project 2 25
        BLAW2000 Law for Engineers 12.5
        MCEN4010 Professional Engineering Practice 12.5
        MCEN4000 Design For Manufacturing (Capstone Unit) 25
Final Year Optional Units (Select any 4 out of 7 options)
MCEN4002 Materials Engineering 25   MCEN4001 Industrial Fluid Mechanics 25
MCEN4004 Heat Transfer 25   MCEN4008 Finite Element Analysis 25
MCEN4011 Engineering Design Methodology 25   MCEN4009 Engineering Noise Control 25
MCEN4003 Vibration 25        


Further details on individual units are available in the Curtin Handbook 2019


Postgraduate Courses

All of Curtin’s Engineering departments have postgraduate engineering courses which give graduate engineers the opportunity to crossover into new areas or futher develop research in their chosen stream.  Postgraduate courses offered by the Department of Mechanical Engineering are,

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