Program Coordinator’s Message

It is a great pleasure and honour to welcome you to the programme of Environmental Engineering at Curtin Malaysia. The programme was developed by Curtin Malaysia and commenced in 2015.  The course structure was developed by integrating fundamentals from three majors, namely Chemical, Civil and construction engineering as well as environmental sciences. The core curriculum is designed to address major global concerns, namely the environment conservation and engineering sustainability. The programme provides numerous opportunities to our graduates to involve in these specialised areas by integrating the fundamental knowledge acquired in development across a wide range of economic sectors. The breadth and depth of our curriculum will also equip the students with the complex engineering problem solving skills as well as innovative and creative engineering experience. The graduates will experience great employment prospects as the demand for environmental engineers is growing rapidly in both the domestic and international market.

Our programme has a relatively young but energetic, hardworking and promising academic team who altogether communicates the essential knowledge and creates awareness on all levels to ensure build up of an efficient needed work force in the said disciplines. The academic team has a good track record of publications in the mentioned research areas while we also run international research networks and have published ISI listed journals on specific themes. From this perspective, we are very proud of our track record of excellence in both teaching and research which leave us well positioned and committed to disseminate the best knowledge to our scholars.

I hope that you find the information from our website useful and get an overview and interest in our programme. Please feel free to contact any of our academic members for any further information.



Dr. John Lau Sie Yon
Environmental Engineering Program Coordinator
Senior Lecturer


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