Final Year Project

The Final Year Project (FYP) is a unique unit where it gives opportunity for students to demonstrate their overall learning progress by doing their own research project.  The objectives for the students are to define the problem boundaries, to investigate possible solutions, and to present the results in writing, verbally and in action under supervision. There are no class lecture but teaching and learning will be in a form of one to one meeting with the supervisor or in a small group meetings to discuss technical issues and progress of the project.

The final year project will assess students’ ability to:

  • research their chosen topic
  • design, engineer and evaluate the project systematically
  • analyse problems and contribute good decisions
  • solve unforeseen problems
  • work within constraints of limited resources (time and budget)
  • communicate technical concepts both in verbal communication and in writing (presentation and thesis writing).

Assessment Overview

Students submit reports of their progress and final results (thesis), and give individual presentations and demonstrations of their project work. 

In order to successfully finished good quality their projects, one should be able to plan, estimate and manage their time and energy. 

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