Research & Development

The Department of ECE focuses on four main areas of research:

  • Renewable Energy, Machinery and Instrumentation;
  • Computer Systems, Software and Networking;
  • Signal and Image Processing;
  • Data Engineering.

Brief Individual Research Profile

Research areas: Applied optimization, system modelling, identification and optimal control, and signal processing for communications systems. Applications: control system design, signal processing, and wireless communication systems.
Research area: Signal and Image processing. Applications: Intelligent Automotive Vision Systems, Human-machine interaction systems. 
Research area: Signal processing and Optimization. Applications: Wireless communication systems. 
Research areas: Electronics, dielectrics, electronic instrumentation. Applications: Wearable body sensor design, HV insulation materials and measurements. 
Research areas: Signal processing for communication systems, filter design and optimization. Applications: Wireless communication systems (5G). 
Research areas: signal processing for communication systems, optimization. Applications: MIMO, blind source separation.
Research area: Watermarking, steganography, access control system. Applications: Copyright protection, secure communication, access control solutions.
Research area: Equivalent circuit model, photonics, information security. Applications: Chemical sensing, free-space optical communication, fiber-optic communication, anti-phishing system.
Research area: Signal processing. Applications: Wireless communication systems.
Research area: Intelligent systems and design. Applications: Timetabling scheduler, control systems.
Research areas: Data Networks in cloud Computing, Medical Image processing. Applications: Cloud security, Medical image retrieval systems. 

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