Dr. Yap Pow Seng


Dr. Yap Pow Seng 
Ph.D., MSc., B. Eng (Hons.)
Senior Lecturer
Environmental Engineering

Contact Details
Telephone: +60 85 443939 Ext: 2642
Location: Skylark 3 Room 304
Email: yappowseng@curtin.edu.my


Dr. Yap Pow Seng joined Curtin University Malaysia in 2018. He graduated with BEng (1st Class Hons) (Environmental Engineering) from the University of Malaya (UM) as the top student. He obtained his MSc (Environmental Science and Engineering) (Singapore Stanford Partnership Programme) from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. He received his PhD (Environmental Engineering) degree from NTU. His doctoral studies were on photocatalysis and adsorption processes. He also has working experience in both industry and R&D. He has published various journal articles and presented his research work in international conferences. He is an active reviewer for several journals in environmental engineering and chemical engineering.

Academic History

  • Ph.D., (2012), Environmental Engineering, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore
  • M.Sc., (2007), Environmental Science & Engineering (Singapore Stanford Partnership Programme), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore (with additional graduate certificate jointly conferred by NTU and Stanford University)
  • B.Eng. (First Class Honours), (2005), Environmental Engineering, University of Malaya (UM), Malaysia


Biography listed in the Marquis Who’s Who in the World
Certificate of reviewing (Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, Elsevier)
Biography listed in the Marquis Who’s Who in Science and Engineering
Biography listed in the Marquis Who’s Who in the World
Certificate of outstanding contribution in reviewing (Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, Elsevier)
Among The Most Cited Articles in Applied Catalysis A: General
Biography listed in the Marquis Who’s Who in the World
Best paper award in The International Conference on Clean Water, Air & Soil (CleanWAS)
Invited as the session chair in The International Conference on Clean Water, Air & Soil (CleanWAS)
Biography listed in the Marquis Who’s Who in the World
Two articles in two leading journals (Applied Catalysis A: General and Chemical Engineering Journal) were recognized as among the Top 25 Hottest Articles in ScienceDirect
NTU Research Scholarship for Ph.D. studies
Financial support from National Research Foundation (NRF), Singapore for PhD research
Distinctions for all Ph.D. courseworks
Distinction for MSc research project
Singapore Stanford Partnership graduate certificate jointly awarded by NTU & Stanford University (For successfully completing the SSP MSc programme)
Full Scholarship for M.Sc. studies (Singapore Stanford Partnership (SSP) programme)
Malaysian National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) Scholarship for B. Eng (Hons) studies
University Book Prize
Departmental Subject Prize (Top student)
Dean’s List for bachelor’s degree

Research Interest

  • Advanced oxidation processes
  • Adsorption processes
  • Membrane separation processes
  • Nanotechnology
  • Environmental catalysis
  • Renewable and sustainable energy
  • Clean technology
  • Life cycle assessment for climate change mitigation
  • Biomass processing

Book Chapter

  1. Yap, P.S., Lim, T.T., Goh, K.H., 2017. Efficient removal of Cr(VI) from water using layer double hydroxides. In Environmental Conservation, Clean Water, Air & Soil (CleanWAS) International Conference Proceedings 26-28 August, 2016, China. Eds. Muhammad Aqeel Ashraf, Wan Syaidatul Aqma Wan Mohd Noor. IWA Publishing. pp. 146-149. ISBN 9781780408156.
  2. Lim, T.T., Yap, P.S. Treatment of RO concentrate for enhanced water recovery from wastewater treatment plant effluent. In Advanced Treatment Technologies for Urban Wastewater Reuse. Eds. D. Fatta-Kassinos, D.D. Dionysiou and K. Kummerer, The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry, Springer. 45: 247-268. (DOI: 10.1007/698_2014_320)


  1. Method for the preparation doped catalytic carbonaceous composite materials. European Patent granted on 06 September 2017 (Patent No. : EP 2445635 B1). Inventors: Lim, T.T., Yap, P.S., Srinivasan, M., Fane, A. G.
  2. Doped catalytic carbonaceous composite materials and uses thereof. Singapore Patent granted on 02 September 2014 (Patent No. : 177335). Inventors: Lim, T.T., Yap, P.S., Srinivasan, M., Fane, A.G.

Journal Publication

  1. Yap, P.S., Lim, T.T., Lim, M., Srinivasan, M., 2010. Synthesis and characterization of nitrogen-doped TiO2/AC composite for the adsorption-photocatalytic degradation of aqueous bisphenol-A using solar light. Catalysis Today. 151(1-2), 8-13.
  2. Yap, P.S., Lim, T.T., Srinivasan, M., 2011. Nitrogen-doped TiO2/AC bi-functional composite prepared by two-stage calcination for enhanced synergistic removal of hydrophobic pollutant using solar irradiation. Catalysis Today. 161(1), 46-52.
  3. Yap, P.S., Lim, T.T., 2011. Effect of aqueous matrix species on synergistic removal of bisphenol-A under solar irradiation using nitrogen-doped TiO2/AC composite. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental. 101(3-4), 709-717.
  4. Lim, T.T., Yap, P.S., Srinivasan, M., Fane, A.G., 2011. TiO2/AC composites for synergistic adsorption-photocatalysis processes: present challenges and further developments for water treatment and reclamation. Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology. 41(13), 1173-1230.
  5. Gao, B., Yap, P.S., Lim, T.M., Lim, T.T., 2011. Adsorption-photocatalytic degradation of Acid Red 88 by supported TiO2: effect of activated carbon support and aqueous anions. Chemical Engineering Journal. 171(3), 1098-1107. (One of the Top 25 Hottest Articles from July-September 2011). http://top25.sciencedirect.com/subject/chemical-engineering/5/journal/chemical-engineering-journal/13858947/archive/34/
  6. Wang, P., Yap, P.S., Lim, T.T., 2011. C–N–S tridoped TiO2 for photocatalytic degradation of tetracycline under visible-light irradiation. Applied Catalysis A: General. 399(1-2), 252-261. (One of the Top 25 Hottest Articles from October-December 2011). http://top25.sciencedirect.com/subject/chemical-engineering/5/journal/applied-catalysis-a-general/0926860X/archive/35/
  7. Yap, P.S., Lim, T.T., 2012. Solar regeneration of powdered activated carbon impregnated with visible-light responsive photocatalyst: factors affecting performances and predictive model. Water Research. 46(9), 3054-3064.
  8. Yap, P.S., Cheah, Y.L., Srinivasan, M., Lim, T.T., 2012. Bimodal N-doped P25-TiO2/AC composite: preparation, characterization, physical stability, and synergistic adsorptive-solar photocatalytic removal of sulfamethazine. Applied Catalysis A: General. 427–428, 125-136.
  9. Yap, P.S., Ibrahim, S., Ang, K.B., 2013. Treatment of rubber glove wastewater by ultrafiltration. Malaysian Journal of Science. 32(1), 61-65.

Conference Papers

  1. Obaideen, K., Yap, P.S., Awang, M. Ghani, A.A., Subramaniam, V. Employing an open-source LCA software to determine the environmental hotspot activities in the production of germinated oil palm seeds and oil palm seedlings. 30th Symposium of Malaysian Chemical Engineers. 6-7 December 2017, Monash University Malaysia Campus, Subang Jaya, Malaysia.
  2. Yap, P.S., Lim, T.T., Goh, K.H. 2015. Efficient removal of Cr(VI) from water using layer double hydroxides. International Conference on Clean Water, Air & Soil (CleanWAS), 28-30 August, 2015. Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. (Won the Best Paper Award)
  3. Lim, T.T., Wang, P. H., Yap, P.S., Wang, X.P., 2011. Visible-light photocatalysis for removal of recalcitrant organic pollutants: prospect and overcoming challenges for treating real water, The 16th International Conference on TiO2 photocatalysis: Fundamentals and Applications (TiO2-16), 07-10 November, 2011, San Diego, CA, USA. (Invited lecture)
  4. Yap, P.S., Lim, T.T., 2011. Photocatalytic regeneration of exhausted N-TiO2/AC composite using solar light: potential application in water reclamation, IWA International Conference, Cities of the Future Xi’an: Technologies for Integrated Urban Water Management, 15-19 September, 2011, Xi’an, China.
  5. Lim, T.T., Yap, P.S., Lim, M., Srinivasan, M., 2010. Hybrid adsorption-photocatalysis of organic pollutants with bifunctional TiO2/AC composite under solar light: Prospective applications in water treatment and reclamation, 240th ACS National Meeting, 22-26 August, 2010, Boston, MA, USA, Paper ID: ENVR 146.
  6. Lim, T.T., Yap, P.S., Lim, M., Srinivasan, M., 2010. Nitrogen-doped TiO2/AC composite for the removal of aqueous bisphenol-A under solar irradiation, Proceedings of the 6th European meeting on Solar Chemistry and Photocatalysis: Environmental Applications (SPEA6), 13-16 June, 2010, Prague, Czech Republic. Paper OP4.6, pp 407-408.
  7. Yap, P.S., Lim, T.T., Lim, M., Srinivasan, M., 2010. Synergistic adsorption-photodegradation of recalcitrant contaminants with bi-functional N-TiO2/AC composite: potential for water reclamation using solar irradiation, Proceedings of the 7th IWA Leading-Edge Conference on Water and Wastewater Technologies, 02-04 June, 2010, Phoenix, Arizona, USA.
  8. Yap, P.S., Lim, T.T., Lim, M. and Srinivasan, M., 2010. Bi-functional TiO2/AC composite for adsorption and photocatalytic degradation of recalcitrant organics under solar light: insights and outlook. Proceedings of the 1st IWA Malaysia Young Water Professionals Conference, 02-04 March, 2010, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, ISBN 983-9805-86-4, Paper ID: 110.
  9. Yap, P.S., Lim, M., Srinivasan, M., Lim, T.T., 2009. Novel composite photocatalyst (N-TiO2/AC) for the degradation of bisphenol-A under solar irradiation. Proceedings of the 2nd European Conference on Environmental Applications of Advanced Oxidation Processes, 09-11 September, 2009, Nicosia, Cyprus, ISBN 978-9963-689-09-5, Paper ID: N137.
  10. Yap, P.S., Ibrahim, S., Ang, K.B., 2005. Ultrafiltration membrane treatment for rubber glove wastewater. The Conference on Industrial Pollution and Sustainable Development (IPSD), Maribor, Slovenia. 
Professional Associations
  • Member, American Chemical Society (ACS) (since 2012)
  • Member, American Chemical Society (ACS) Malaysia Chapter (since 2014)
  • Member, International Water Association (IWA) (2012-2016)
  • Associate Member, Institution of Chemical Engineers UK (AMIChemE) (since 2012)
  • Graduate Engineer, Board of Engineers Malaysia (Grad BEM) (since 2006)
  1. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering (Elsevier)
  2. Spectrochima Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy (Elsevier)
  3. Catalysis Today (Elsevier)
  4. Applied Catalysis A: General (Elsevier)
  5. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental (Elsevier)
  6. Water Research (Elsevier)
  7. Chemical Engineering Journal (Elsevier)
  8. Polish Journal of Chemical Technology (De Gruyter)

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