Dr. Jayakumar Muthuramalingam

Dr. Jayakumar Muthuramalingam
B.E (Civil), M.E (Structures), PhD, GCTT
Senior Lecturer
Civil & Construction Engineering
Contact Details
Telephone: + 60 85 443939 Extn: 2504
Fax: +60 85 443837
Location: Skylark 3 (SK3) Room 453
Dr. Jayakumar. M., PhD is a Senior Lecturer in Civil and Construction Engineering, Curtin University Sarawak Campus. Dr. Jaya completed his Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) & master of Engineering (Structure) at Madras University, India and PhD at Curtin University, Australia. His areas of specialization include design and construction of offshore structures, highway engineering, construction technology and construction contracts and management. His current research interests range from assess the performance of high strength concrete in marine environment, study on strength and permeability of bitumen stabilized road base materials , civil project economics & managements and solutions for contract disputes. He has published a number of papers in reputable international journals and conference proceedings, and received the award of Exceptional Research Performance (Publication) Sarawak, Curtin, 2009.
Academic History
  • Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Teaching, Curtin University, Australia, 2009
  • PhD in Civil Engineering, Curtin University of Technology Perth, Australia, 2007
  • Masters in Engineering (Structural Eng.), Madras University, 1981
  • Bachelor in Engineering (Civil), Madurai Kamaraj University, 1976

Academic Appointments

Since Jan 2008 Senior Lecturer, Curtin University Malaysia
Feb 2005 – Dec 2007 Lecturer, Curtin University Malaysia
Nov 1983 – Oct 1991 Reader, Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal, India
Nov 1981 – Oct 1983 Lecturer, Government College of Engineering, salam, India
Nov 1976 – Oct 1981 Lecturer, government College of Technology, Coimbatore, India

Professional Contributions to Educational Development

  1. Chair of Industrial and External Relations Committee for this year 2012
  2. Chair of R and D committee, SoE and member of University R and D and graduate studies committee for this year 2010.
  3. Involved with curriculum development and redesign of many Civil Engineering units.
  4. Supervised many BE (Hons) projects and Co-supervisor for PhD student
  5. Published 4 T and L research papers in conferences and Journal.
  6. Teaching various core and optional units to Civil Engineering courses and Engineering Law, Engineering Management and Contracts to common engineering students

Research Interests

  • Construction engineering, management and contracts
  • Assessment of wave loads and structural response of offshore structures
  • Design and construction of offshore concrete platforms and bridges
  • Study on high strength concrete with partial replacement of cement by low calcium fly ash and lime as an additive
  • Sustainable design and construction of pavements in soft soil region
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Research Resource Funding
  • Curtin Sarawak Research Fund (CSRF) 2008: Chief Investigator Project Title: Study on high strength high performance concrete in marine environment
  • Curtin Sarawak Collaborative Research Fund (CSCR): Co- Investigator Project Title: An Investigation on the Sustainability and Adaptability of Light Steel House in Local Industry: Design & Construction Phase

Previous Industry Appointments

Feb 2000 – July 2000  Contracts / Planning Engineer in Zainal HM Daud, Seria, Brunei
Oct 1995 – Jan 2000 Consulting Engineer in Jurutera Tempatan, Brunei
Mar 1995 – Sep 1995 Project Manger in Nirman Constructions, India
Mar 1994 – Feb 1995 Senior Project Engineer in Wimpey Alawi, Sultanate of Oman
Oct 1991 – Nov 1993 Project Manager in Al Turki LLC, Sultanate of Oman
Consulting Records
  • SCORE training program, handled Transportation Engineering module to 3 batches in 2009
  • Visited the Canada Hill, Miri land slide 2009 and submitted the preliminary report of cause of failure and suggested remedies. Involved with design and construction of temple in Penang, Malaysia.
Other Professional Development Activity
  • Completed the professional qualification in teaching, GCTT in 2009.
  • Attended and presented technical paper in various international conferences in many countries.
Professional Associations

Affiliate Member American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
Fellow Academy of General Education (AGE)
Member of Indian Society for Technical Eductaion (MISTE)

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