Student Activities 2019

Curtin Civil Society (CCS) is a students club established in 2009 with the support from Civil and Construction Engineering Department. For more details about CCS, please click here.

2019 Site Visit to Construction Sites on Campus (Sep 2019)

More details here.



2019 CCS Welcoming Party S2 2019 (10th Sep 2019)


2019 Award Presentation for Curtin FOES Academy Challenge 2018 (6th Sep 2019)


2019 Site Visit to Bakun Hydro Electric Dam (27th Aug 2019)


2019 STEM Playground (03rd – 04th Aug 2019)


2019 CCS Appreciation Dinner (02nd Jun 2019)


2019 Site Visit to Pan Borneo Highway (11th May 2019)


2019 CCS Welcoming Party S1 2019 (5th Apr 2019)


2019 Talk on a contractor’s view on the constructability of civil engineering design by Blue Pacific Construction (25th Mar 2019)


2019 Site Visit to Miri Centralised Treatment Plant (9th Mar 2019)


2018 Civil Engineering Week (19th Sep – 5th Oct 2018)

19th September Breach the Dam, 20th September Straw Bridge Challenge, 5th October Concrete Frisbee


2018 Civil Bash 2018 Sem 2 (23rd Aug 2018)


2018 Spacegass Workshop (11th May 2018)


2018 Pan Borneo Lambir Section Site Visit (26th Apr 2018)


2018 Miri Centralised Sewerage Treatment Pipeline Site Visit (23rd Apr 2018)


2018 Welcoming Party (16th Apr 2018)


2018 Curtin Civil Society Day (14th Apr 2018)

Curtin Civil Society 2015

21st – 23rd September
Breach the Dam
Truss the Straw
Concrete Frisbee
25th April Hero or Zero 2015 : Run as a Hero Marathon
12th – 14th April
Site visits to:
Kuching Barrage
Centralised Wastewater Treatment Plant
Vivacity Megamall construction site
Stutong Heights Apartment II construction site

Curtin Civil Society 2014

25th – 29th August Civil Week 2014

 Curtin Civil Society 2013

13th April Imperial City Link Mall Site Visit
21st – 23rd April Kuala Lumpur & Putrajaya Civil Projects Site Visit
5th October Site Visit to Marina Square II
7th – 9th October
Civil Week 2012
– Concrete Frisbee
– Fallen Tower
– Water Filter

 Curtin Civil Society 2012

18th – 20th September
Civil Week 2012
– Build & Break
– Concrete Frisbee
– Space Egg
– Water Filter