Postgraduate courses

A postgraduate degree in Chemical engineering will allow you to learn about select topics such as corrosion, heat transfer, mineral processing, wastewater treatments and thermodynamics. It will also enhance your opportunities in the traditional chemical, petroleum and petrochemical industries.

A higher degree by research (HDR) involves sustained independent enquiry, carried out under the direction of academic supervisors. Qualifications include Doctor of Philosophy by Research (Ph.D.) and Master of Philosophy by Research (M.Phil).

Curtin is recognised internationally as a leader in graduate research studies and for the breadth and quality of its research higher degree programs. As one of our students, you will have access to an unparalleled array of opportunities to work with leading researchers in first rate facilities, and to develop skills for your future career.

You will need academic advice on the suitability of your proposed research area, research topic and the availability of supervisors.  You may find a list of potential supervisors with the following links: List of potential supervisors in Chemical Engineering


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