Undergraduate courses

Chemical Engineering programs at Curtin Malaysia cover the development, design and operation of processes and plant for the extraction, conversion and recovery of materials that are found in a great variety of process industries serving the needs of society. Among the more familiar industries are petroleum refining, gas processing, palm oil mills, petrochemical and polymer production, fertilizer manufacture, cement and lime production, minerals and metals extraction and refining, paper and board manufacture, sugar refining, food processing, production of industrial, and pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals. A graduate in chemical engineering may expect to find employment with process and plant design companies or within the manufacturing industries to manage, operate, maintain and develop processes and plant for the efficient production of materials. Other opportunities for employment are afforded in public utilities and authorities, research laboratories, academic institutions and consulting practices.

The Chemical Engineering courses currently available at the Sarawak campus are the same as the courses operated at the University’s main campus in Perth Australia. Students studying these courses at Sarawak also have the opportunity to spend one or more semesters in Perth at their own choice with no disruption whatsoever to their studies whilst at the same time Perth students have the opportunity to study for a semester in Sarawak. 

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