Freddie Panau


Mr. Freddie Panau
MEng, BEng
Director, Curtin Biovalley Sdn Bhd
Senior Lecturer

Contact Details
Location: Skylark 3 Room 449
Telephone: +60 85 630 100 Ext: 2416
Fax: +60 85 630 254

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Freddie Panau is currently a Lecturer of Chemical Engineering at Curtin Malaysia. Prior to working at Curtin Malaysia, he has conducted a fundamental research in chemical engineering science at the Center of Lipid Engineering and Applied Research, University Teknologi Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. His research activity is now focused on the development of innovative, but simple, bioprocess technologies for the sustainable development of rural areas.

Mr. Freddie is a registered graduate engineer with Board of Engineers Malaysia, BEM and also a registered EIA Consultant in the fields of Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering with Natural Resources and Enviromental Board, Sarawak, NREB.

He has had many years of teaching experience in such courses as Process Analysis, Process System Analysis, Process Plant Design, and Palm Oil and Oleochemical Process.

Academic History

  • Master Degree in Engineering (Bioprocess), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, 2000
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical Engineering), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, 1997

Research Field:

  • Supercritical fluid extractions
  • Lipids physio-chemcial properties.
  • Innovative and simple technologies for rural area


Journal Papers:

  1. L. Ting, S.P. Then, A. Saptoro, and F. Panau, Mass Transfer Coefficients and Correlation of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction of Sarawak Black Pepper, International Journal of Food Engineering Volume 10, Issue 1, Pages 1–15, (December 2013)
  2. Morad, N.A., A.A. Mustafa Kamal, Panau, and W.K. Ten, Viscosity Estimation of Triacylglycerols and of Some Vegetable Oils, Based on Their Triacylglycerol Composition, JAOCS 78, pg. 1001-1005 (October 2001).
  3. Morad, N.A., A.A. Mustafa Kamal, Panau, and T.W. Yew, Liquid Specific Heat Capacity Estimation for Fatty Acids, Triacylglycerols, and Vegetable Oils Base on Their Fatty Acid Composition, JAOCS 77, pg. 1001-1005 (September 2000).

Conference Papers:

  1. Mustafa Kamal Abdul Aziz, Noor Azian Morad, Noor Baini Nabila Muhamad, Mohd Rizuan, Freddie Panau, Takayuki Okayama, Ryota Kose, Dominic Foo, Denny Ng, Lam H L., Process Integration by Experiment: Process Integration of a Combined Plant Solvent Extraction and Crystallisation Of Residual Oils from Palm Oil Wastes. 29th Symposium of Malaysian Chemical Engineers (SOMChE) 2016, Miri, Sarawak
  2. Then S.P., Panau and Y. Samyudia, CFD Simulation on Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Black Pepper’s Bioactive Compounds: Single Particle Study. 1st National Colloquium on Process Control Colloquium (NCPC2013), Penang, 2013
  3. Then S.P., Panau and Y. Samyudia, Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Black Pepper’s Bioactive Compounds: Solubility and Mass Transfer. In: Developments in Sustainable Chemical and Bioprocess Technology. New York, Springer Science and Business Media; 2013: Chapter 32.
  4. Panau, Y. Samyudia and S.P. Then, Extraction of Bio-Active Compounds from Black Pepper using Supercritical Fluid Technology. 13th APPChE Congress 2010, Taipei, Taiwan 4. Y. Samyudia, F. Panau and Y.I. Liong, Hydrodynamics Modeling and Analysis of Rapid Expansion System of Supercritical Solutions (RESS). AIChE Annual Meeting 2008, Philadelphia, USA.
  5. Nandong, Y. Samyudia and F. Panau, Advances in Fermentation Technology for Bioethanol Production: Challenges and Future Research Direction, International Symposium & Exhibition on Sustainable Energy & Environment, 2006
  6. Panau, C.Y. Lim, Y. Samyudia and J. Nandong, Optimisation of cassava fermentation conditions via factorial design experiments, 20th Symposium of Malaysian Chemical Engineers, 135-140, Shah Alam, 2006
  7. Nandong, C.L. Fam, Y. Samyudia and F. Panau, Dynamic simulation and optimisation of two stage extractive alcoholic fermentation process: Design impact on controllability, 11th Asia Pacific Confederation of Chemical Engineering, Kuala Lumpur, 2006
  8. Nandong, K.Y. Huey, F. Panau and Y. Samyudia, Dynamic modelling and simulation of continuous extractive fermentation for mixture of glucose and xylose by Yeast Pichia Stiptis, Proceeding of 2nd International Conference on Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering, 2005


Consultation Records:

2009 – present: Director
Curtin Consultancy (M) Sdn. Bhd. (a subsidiary of Curtin (M) Sdn. Bhd.)
Role                 : Consultant
Proposed Traffic Volume Study at Four (4) Major Intersections in Bintulu (Project 1) and Proposed Urban Runoff/Flood Study for UPM Catchment, Bintulu (Project 2) (worth RM250,000.)
Client               : Bintulu Development Authority
Year                 : 2016 – 2017
Progress          : On going


Role                 : Co-Project Leader / Trainer
Manpower Training Requirement Programmes for SCORE under The National Stimulus Package 2009 (worth RM3.7 millions)
Client               : Ministry of Industrial Development, Sarawak
Year                 : 2009 – 2010
Progress          : Completed


Role                 :  Project Coordinator (Prospective time-series study of the relationship between daily variations of air pollution and respiratory symptoms among adults and children in Bintulu, Sarawak)
Client               :  Bintulu Development Authority
Year                 :  2005 – 2007
Progress          :  Completed


Role                 :  Consultant (Process Plant Technology)
Company         :  Shell – Bintulu Integrated Facilities
Year                 :  2007


Role                 :  Consultant/Trainer (Chemistry Course for Lab Technician)
Company         :  Malaysian Liquid Natural Gas (MLNG)
Year                 :  2004

Research Grants:

Title     :  Process Modeling and Optimization of Composting of Empty Fruit Bunches (EFB) from Oil-palm for Development of High Quality Organic.
Role     :  Co – Investigator
Date start:  Nov 2011
Source of fund:  CALTEX Resources Sdn Bhd (RM220,000)
Progress:  Completed


Title     :  Micro-Particle Formation by Rapid Expansion of the Supercritical Solution of Black Pepper’s Bioactive Compounds – Design, Optimization & Experimental Studies.
Role     :  Co – Investigator
Date start:  June 2008
Source of fund:  Malaysian Pepper Board (RM 100,000)
Progress:  Completed


Title     :  Computational modeling and control of RESS particle formation systems for thermally sensitive materials and organic solutes.
Role     :  Co-Investigator
Date start:  October 2005
Source of fund:  Curtin Sarawak Research Fund (RM10,000)
Progress:  Completed


Title     :  Small-scale production of bio-ethanol as a sustainable source of fuel for remote rural communities in developing countries.
Role     :  Chief’s Investigator
Date start:  22nd October 2003
Source of fund:  Curtin Sarawak Research Fund (RM10,000)
Progress:  Completed


Professional Associations

  • Registered Engineer of Board of Engineer Malaysia