CUMEC Site Visit to Shin Yang Plywood


In conjunction with the Curtin University Mechanical Engineering Club’s Mechanical Week 2012, a site visit to Shin Yang Plywood located at Kuala Baram was organised  27 July 2012.

A total of 15 students participated in the site visit and they had the opportunity to understand better about the plywood industry through the visit. Students first had a brief idea about the operations of the company by viewing a short video. They were then led by the employees of Shin Yang plywood to visit the plant where the plywood is processed. Students were exposed from the very first step of the process of making plywood which is peeling the logs to the last step of finishing the plywood. After the logs are peeled, plies are cut into standard sizes and stacked before sending to the drying oven. The following step is to glue the sheets of plies and press into desired thickness. The plywood is smoothened as a finishing step in the plywood making process. Each step of the process was clearly explained by the staffs.

The site visit was an excellent exposure to all engineering students participated in the visit.


                Contributed by Liew Ee Ling

Photos contributed by Felicia Leong



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