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Welcome to the Mechanical Engineering Department 

Mechanical Engineering is one of the broadest engineering disciplines offering students a wide range of career choices. Our curriculum is designed to provide students with core and specialized mechanical engineering discipline units together with practical skills required to begin professional practice right after graduation. The department has 15 highly qualified academic staff with extensive level of expertise over a broad range of subject areas and several years of experience. Our staffs are active in research by holding internally and externally funded research projects. The Mechanical Engineering Programme at Curtin Sarawak is accredited by Board of Engineers Malaysia and Institutions of Engineers Australia. The department offers Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering for undergraduate study and Masters of Philosophy and PhD in Mechanical Engineering by research for postgraduates.

Associate Professor

Dr Sujan Debnath

Head of Department (Mechanical Engineering)

Faculty of Engineering and Science

Curtin University Sarawak Malaysia


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