Dr. Regina Reine Hendranata


PhD (Electrical Eng.), M.Sc. (Comp. Sci.), M.Sc. (Electrical Eng.),  B. Eng (Hons) Electrical Eng.

Lecturer | Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering.

Contact Details.

Telephone: +60 85 443939 Extn: 2431

Fax: +60 85 443837

Location: SK3-362 

Email: reginareine@curtin.edu.my

Dr. Regina Reine Hendranata received her B.Eng in electrical engineering from Trisakti University, Jakarta, Indonesia, 2000. Then, she obtained her MSc. in Computer Science in 2002 from University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom and her MSc. in Electrical Engineering from University of Aberdeen, UK  in 2004. She received her PhD degree in electrical engineering from Curtin University, Australia in 2016.  

Academic History

  • PhD in Electrical Engineering. Thesis title: “Pulse Shaping Approach to PAPR Reduction for OFDM Communication Systems”.
  • MSc by Research in Electrical Engineering. Thesis title: “Next generation protocol (UDP-Lite) implementation to increase performance of multimedia streaming in a wireless environment”.
  • MSc in Computer Science. Thesis title: “Simulation Using 3D Sound and Speech Processing”.
  • BEng (First Class) in Electrical Engineering. Thesis title: “Echo Cancellation Using Adaptive Filter with an RLS Algorithm”.

Research Interest

Dr. Hendranata’s current main research interest lies in the following areas:

  • OFDM-based systems over power-line communications for smart grids.
  • Filter design using optimization method for multiuser communication systems.
  • PAPR reduction methods and BER optimization for precoded-OFDM systems and GFDM (5G). 


Conference Papers

  • Zee Ang Sim, R. Reine, Z. Zang. L. Gopal, “ PAPR and BER reduction in MU-MIMO-OFDM Systems via a Set of Waveforms”,  11th IEEE Conference on Industrial Electronics and Applications (ICIEA), Kuching, Malaysia, Aug. 2017.
  • Juwono, R. Reine, L. Liu , J. Liu , and D. Huang, “Performance of Impulsive Noise Blanking in Precoded OFDM-based PLC Systems”, 15th IEEE International Conference on Communication Systems (ICCS), Shenzhen, China, Dec. 2016.
  • R.Reine, Z.Zang, “Pulse Shaping Approach to PAPR Reduction for Multiuser OFDM Systems”, 11th IEEE Conference on Industrial Electronics and Applications (ICIEA), Hefei, China, June 2016.
  • Reine, Z.Zang, “Semi-infinite quadratic programming approach to design FIR pulse shaping filter for PAPR and BER optimization in OFDM system”, IEEE Statistical Signal Processing (SSP), Gold Coast, July 2014.
  • R.Reine, Z.Zang, “A quadratic programming approach in pulse shaping filter design to reducing PAPR in OFDM systems”, 19th IEEE Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications (APCC), Bali, Aug. 2013.
  • R.Reine, Z.Zang, “Analysis and comparison of a set of ISI free waveforms for PAPR reduction in OFDM systems” in TENCON, Bali, 2011.
  • R.Reine, G.Fairhurst, “MPEG-4 and UDP-Lite for Multimedia Transmission” in Proceedings of Post-Graduate Networking Conference, Liverpool, UK, 2003.

Research Grants

  • 2017 – FRGS (2017) (Principal investigator) 
  • Project Title: Mathematical Modeling of optimal 5G NonOrthogonal Waveforms for GFDM system . Allocated fund: RM52100. Ongoing project.

Scholarships and Awards

2014 – Best research presenter at Curtin colloquium.

2002 – Qinetic (MoD) scholarships.

Journal Reviewers

2017 – IEEE Access

2016 – The 11th IEEE Conference on Industrial Electronics and Applications (ICIEA 2016).

2014 – IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology.

2015 – IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology.2014 – IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology. 

Memberships in Professional Socities 

  • Professional member of IEEE.
  • Member of IET.

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