Student Activities

Curtin Civil Society (CCS) is a students club established in 2009 with the support from Civil and Construction Engineering Department. For more details about CCS, please click here.

Curtin Civil Society 2015

21st – 23rd September
Breach the Dam
Truss the Straw
Concrete Frisbee
25th April Hero or Zero 2015 : Run as a Hero Marathon
12th – 14th April
Site visits to:
Kuching Barrage
Centralised Wastewater Treatment Plant
Vivacity Megamall construction site
Stutong Heights Apartment II construction site

Curtin Civil Society 2014

25th – 29th August Civil Week 2014

 Curtin Civil Society 2013

13th April Imperial City Link Mall Site Visit
21st – 23rd April Kuala Lumpur & Putrajaya Civil Projects Site Visit
5th October Site Visit to Marina Square II
7th – 9th October
Civil Week 2012
– Concrete Frisbee
– Fallen Tower
– Water Filter

 Curtin Civil Society 2012

18th – 20th September
Civil Week 2012
– Build & Break
– Concrete Frisbee
– Space Egg
– Water Filter

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