Dr. Brabha Nagaratnam O’Shaughnessy

Dr. Brabha Nagaratnam O’Shaughnessy
Civil & Construction Engineering
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Telephone: + 60 85 443939 Extn: 2505
Fax: +60 85 443837
Location: Skylark 3 (SK3) Room 347


Brabha has been with Curtin Sarawak since 2010. She graduated with Masters in Construction Business from International Islamic University in 2005. Subsequently, she has a PhD in Civil Engineering from University Malaysia Sabah in 2006. Her undergraduate was in Civil Engineering from the University of Technology, Malaysia. She worked as a consulting structural engineer in Malaysia and Ireland for six years in the area of structural design. She was also previously a lecturer in Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland from 2006 to 2010.


  • Awarded the Student Choice Award 2015 from the Faculty of Engineering for Best Lecturer in Civil and Construction Engineering.
  • An active researcher with numerous papers in the international peer reviewed ISI & SCOPUS Indexed Journals [8 Nos] and conferences [4 Nos].
  • Obtained one external grant and two internal grants.
  • Advisor for the Intervarsity Concrete Frisbee Competition and Asia Pacific Universities Build and Break Competition.
  • Reviewer of International Journal of Concrete Structures and Materials
  • 5 years of Civil and Structural Engineering industrial experience.

Academic History

  • PhD in Civil Engineering, University of Malaysia Sabah, 2016
  • Masters in Construction Business, International Islamic University, 2005
  • BSc in Civil Engineering, University of Technology Malaysia, 2001

Academic Experience

2010 To Date   Curtin University, Sarawak, Malaysia, Lecturer

  • Subjects: Structural Analysis I, II and III, Engineering Mechanics, Structural Mechanics, Integrated design and Construction.

2005 To 2009   Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), Dublin, Ireland, Lecturer

  • Subjects: Structural Design, Soil Mechanics, Concrete Technology, AutoCAD & Structural Detailing, Work-Based Projects.

Teaching and Learning Scholarships

  • Completed the Postgraduate Certificate In Teaching and Learning (2009) Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland.
  • Completed the Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning (2010) Curtin University Sarawak, Malaysia.
  • Brabha H.N, Gizaw M., ME Rahman. (2015). A Review on Assessments in Large Engineering Classrooms. 3rd International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Conference, Miri, Sarawak. Paper Presentation.

Research Interests

  • Sustainable construction materials
  • Structural analysis and stability
  • Concrete and green construction practices

Research Publications

Journal Papers 

  1. H. Nagaratnam, M. E. Rahman, M. A. Mannan. (2012). A Study on Hardened State Properties of SCC using Fly Ash and Blended Fine Aggregate. Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 622, pp.1789-1793. [SCOPUS Indexed].
  2. Brabha H, N., M. E. Rahman, and M. A. Mannan. (2014). Workability of Self-Compacting Concrete Using Blended Waste Materials. Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 1043. pp. 273-277. [Scopus Indexed]
  3. E. Rahman, A.S. Muntohar, V. Pakrashi, B.H. Nagaratnam, D. Sujan. (2014). Self compacting concrete from uncontrolled burning of rice husk and blended fine aggregate. Materials & Design, Vol. 55, pp. 410–415. [ISI Indexed]
  4. H. Nagaratnam, M. E. Rahman, A. K. Mirasa, M. A. Mannan, (2014). Workability of Self-Compacting Concrete Using Blended Waste Materials. Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 1043, pp. 273-277. [SCOPUS-Indexed]
  5. Brabha H, N., Rahman M. E, Mannan M.A., Leblouba M., Faheem A. (2015). Mechanical and durability properties of medium strength Self-Compacting Concrete with high-volume fly ash and blended aggregates. Periodica Polytechnica 59(2), pp. 155-164. [ISI Indexed]
  6. Abid K., Gholami R., Choate P., Nagaratnam B.H. (2015) A review on cement degradation under CO2-rich environment of sequestration projects. Journal of Natural Gas Science an Engineering, Vol. 27, pp. 1149-1157. [ISI Indexed]
  7. Brabha H, N., Rahman, Mirasa AK. M. E, Mannan M.A. (2016). Workability and Heat of Hydration of Self-Compacting Conrete” Journal of Cleaner Production 112(1) pp. 882-894. [ISI Indexed]
  8. Leblouba, M. E. Rahman., B. H. Nagaratnam (2014). Macro-Element Model for Nonlinear Cyclic Behaviour of Shallow Foundations. Under review, Journal of Earthquake Engineering. [ISI Indexed]
  9. Brabha H, N., Rahman M. E, Mirasa AK., Mannan M.A. (2016) Optimum Mixing Method of MSSCC incorporating agro-Industrial Waste. International Journal of Engineering and Technology. [On review]
  10. Brabha H, N., Rahman M. E, Mirasa AK., Mannan M.A. (2016) Transport Mechanism of Self-Compacting Concrete Utilising Agricultural and Industrial Waste. Journal of Cleaner Production. [Under review]

Conference Papers

  1. Brabha H, N., Rahman M. E, Mannan M.A., Faheem A. (2011). Investigation on Workability of SCC Using Low Calcium Based Fly ash. 3rd CUTSE International Conference, 8-9 Nov., Sarawak, Malaysia.
  2. Rahman M. E., Brabha H, N., Montohar. A. & Mannan M.A. (2011). A Preliminary Study on Self Compacting Concrete Using RHA. 3rd CUTSE International Conference, 8-9 Nov., Sarawak, Malaysia.
  3. Yin L.Y., Asrah, H., Mirasa A.K., Brabha H.N., Mannan M.A. (2012). A Study on Self Compacting Concrete using Sabah Aggregates. 4th CUTSE International Conference.
  4. Brabha H.N, Rahman M.E., Mannan M.A. (2012). A Study on Hardened State Properties of SCC using Fly Ash and and Blended Fine Aggregates. International Conference on Civil Engineering and Architecture, June 3-5, Hong Kong.

Research Resource Funding

  • Curtin Sarawak Research Fund – A study on self compacting concrete (SCC) using Palm Oil Shell & Rice Husk Ash. RM10000. (Completed)
  • Curtin Sarawak New Research Grant – A study on Medium Strength Self Compacting Concrete Utilising Agricultural and Industrial Waste RM4000. (Completed)
  • Malaysian Fundamental Research Grant (2015)- Polycal Wire Rope Vibration Isolator for Industrial Equipment – A Mathematical Model. RM 52200. (Ongoing)
  • Malaysian Fundamental Research Grant – A Distict Usage of Agricultural Waste in Self-Compacting Concrete. RM 50000. (Under Revew)

Industrial Experience

May 2006 to Sept. 2006: Structural Engineer; Stresslite Precast Floors and Tanks, Wicklow, Ireland

  • Structural analysis and design of precast members along with verifying of field measurements.
  • Drafting using CAD for various housing, office and retail development projects.
  • Meeting inspectors’ onsite to keep development processes proactive. I was managing the site for numerous custom home build-outs.

Sept. 2005 to Apr 2006: Structural Engineer; White Young Green, Dublin, Ireland

  • Performing structural design and Liaising, coordinating and following-up with clients, agencies, sub-consultants and contractors. Meeting inspectors on site to keep development process proactive. Projects included Paul Sheran Jewellers, Sir John Rogerson’s Quay and Finglas Road Apartment Development and Bridgefoot Street Development.

Aug. 2004 to Sept. 2005: Civil and Structural Engineer; ZNA Consultants, Malaysia 

  • My main duties in ZNA Consultants included value saving design, project cost estimates and cost comparisons for each project. The Engineering design is based on cost effective engineering solutions.
  • Designing, drafting specifications and producing detailed design for low cost houses, single storey and double storey bungalows as well as electrical substations for government bodies (SPN and PKNS Housing Development and Mutiara Rini Apartments).
  • Liaising with authorities for approval and submission of drawings as well as coordinating and resolving matters on site.

Jan 2002 to July 2004: Project Engineer; Padureka Consultants, Malaysia

  • Designing concrete structures (16 storeys apartments) for Magna Park and DBKL (KL Municipal Board). Engineering design and specification is from foundation level to roof top (which include beams, slab and column design, pile-cap and tie beam design, plinths, steel trusses, water retaining structure, and precast members).
  • Preparing drawing lists, drawing schedules, project design organization charts and coordinating and resolving technical matters with sub-contractors, clients and other parties on site.

Professional Association

Graduate member of the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM)

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