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Degree Structure


Curtin degrees are based on a prescribed set of units (or subjects) each studied over one semester, with two semesters per year. A unit will have an assigned value of either 12.5, 25 or 50 credits, with 100 credits normally taken over one semester and 200 credits over a year of full-time study.


A course is a prescribed set of units that are studied to obtain a degree. Students working towards their first qualification study undergraduate courses, while postgraduate courses are normally only available to students who have at least a first degree.


A program represents an academic discipline (area of knowledge) in which a particular course is offered, for example the Chemical Engineering Program. Each program may offer a number of courses leading to degrees within its academic discipline.

Degrees and Honours Degrees

Curtin Sarawak offers undergraduate courses leading to three-year Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Technology Degrees (600 credit points) and four-year Bachelor of Engineering Degrees (800 credit points).

Students undertaking a four-year Bachelor of Engineering Degree may be awarded a Degree with Honours which can be at the grade of First, Second A, Second B or Third Class, depending on the performance and marks obtained over the four years of undergraduate study.