Chemical Engineering Chem-E-Car Competition 2011


Date & Venue
13-14 September 2011 at Recreation and Event Centre, Curtin Sarawak.

The competition is open for all 1st, 2nd & 3rd undergraduates who are studying Bachelor Degree of Chemical Engineering at Curtin University Sarawak Campus. Multi-disciplinary teams are also encouraged. However, the team must have at least two students from chemical engineering.

To design and construct a car that is powered with a chemical energy source that will carry a certain load to a given distance and stop.  The car will be judged based on the combination of completion of a defined task, design creativity and issues related to safety, environment and health as the model car handles chemical fuel.

For more details
Please download [.pdf] the registration form and rules & regulation of the competition.
If you require further details, kindly contact Dr. Perumal Kumar or Tay Chen Lim

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